I died and life began.

My poems are written in spontenous moments of joy, agony, awareness, expansion. I do not edit or change them after birth. They carry the pure intention of loving all there is, in present.

This is one of them, after a huge transformation, just returned to uk with no money and place to stay from San Francisco, body was ill and my heart very confused. The beginning of full disappearance of lifetime persona.

The mute self
In the chain of events,
Going through dark tunnels
Carved under skin with dead bones,
To find faith again
The pure origin
Behind all happenings
Where the mother earth
Holds all returning
With no quake or shake
Birth or death,
Just witnessing
Like a silent tree
Still and grounded
Dance of leaves
Fragments of passing seasons
Fall soundless
Below my breasts
Bring all buried sorrows
To the surface
Beneath pain and despair
Hundred years of loving
Water my grief –bitten heart.

As my tears fall again
On the burnt jasmine
of my dreams
allowing begins,
inside the hollow
of fear and terror
the dark landscapes of doubts
I surrender to current
Move closer to the
only place I belong to.
The edge of terror
force me to kneel down
on the hard ground of now
without any cloth
push my hands inside the damp soil
face the thorny storm
to recognize
the light inside
the darkness of my nights ,
to feel my roots
and know my nature,
to rise higher than my condition
up, up,
to the blue boundless sky.

Give me back
My wings, I fly.
Give me back
My bridge, I cross.
Give me back my ocean, I swim.
I surrender,
Give me back my strength
I move deeper in love.

The path behind
Full of blood
and burned bones
is no longer mine,
What is in the front
Is the path of returning
To depth of earth in me
Renewing my essence
Heights of my soul
In the human dawn.

The breathing arch-types
The warrior, the goddess,
The Lucifer, the alchemist,
The hermit, the abandon child
And many more
Played in full perfection
At the edge of light and dark
And now,
all missing parts
As the shadow fades away.

I come back to life
Stone by stone
season by season,
breath by breath
trembling on the new seeds
cracks the old
to plant a new life
on the new earth
in the form of a sea,
dark blue on the edge of each rise
and pale silver when
my solitary love falls
on edge of the night.

I know now,
My answers
Are in my shattered heart.

The Master
the potter and the pot
are one.
I come to life
From my very own hands.
All the broken pieces
Sink into the earth
Under the sun.

Ready seeds
climb up
To meet their destiny.

Earth, wind, soil, water, sun
patience and faith
placed love
back again
in my chest
and I begin my new life
without changing
my silence,
without ending
my dark nights,
I just rise up
From my roots
(like a kiss
on heave’s lips)
into the sun,
into love.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2012, Lewes, England

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