Collective Ascension & Death

We grow up believing our death comes when body dies. Across the world, different religions, traditions, spiritual systems each have their ceremonial burial process.

We trust this knowing and except texts written on return of Christ, they are no other evidence that any human returns to land of living after death.

I wonder if this collective percieved reality in coming years and future has a different intake and understanding.

As Gaia in a very fast way accelerating in her eternal evolution and many humans along with her consciousness system have been upgraded and awaken to Unity of Life and deeper perceived reality of what we truly are and what Collective Ascension means and serves?

They are words, used over time to describe certain experiences and somehow we collectively ( but not certainly knowingly ) agreed on.

Enlightenment and death are two of these words that in time we need evaluate the truth of them.

When I was a young girl, I was taught to beleive in Islam religion and the God introduced and enforced by it.

My heart never trusted to choose others perceived reality as mine, so I was a serious reader from the first year of school. By age of 12, I was reading Hegel, Nietzsche’ books. I was also drawn to India after reading a book by Somerset Maugham named Razer Edge.

That book brought so many deep soul and heart inquiries within, for a twelve years old child in Iran why the question of death was so strong, I do not know.

I was 13 years old when Iran revolution took place. One can never forget those kind of happenings, it sank in your roots of everything. I witness many deaths after that. In demonstrations then and after against Islamic Republic government, in burial ceremonies of annoymous soldiers of war between Iran and Iraq.

For some people death means to get old, to die on your bed and be surrendered by your loved ones. For some others, like me was a scape door into another life, perhaps the One I knew is closer to God.

Today, death still provoke deep fear in hyman hearts and associates with the end of life, loss of loved ones, everything and perhaps at some level it is. But it also can perceived in a different way, it can arrive as a messenger of a transformation and what will really happen if we can open up to live without old believes and not see our existence as a body or a form.

What is really taking place on Earth is Awakening. And it is not an understanding that mind and ego can approve, as this really means One experience many similar death experience to become free of attachments, untrue beleive system and programs, release of lifetimes fear and condition.

This actually is far harder on mind than One death, this is an on going process of Ego Death and burial until Phoenix can rise. Until we truly recognize the true self which is not the body, thoughts and emotions.

Collective ascension is a divine software designed to fully upgrade our Human spices from a gender, race, life and death 3D reality into entering a new perceived reality, which I will not die, I am eternal.

Everything is consciousness, in perfect harmony, following divine will as One.

This was known 100 years ago as Enlightenment, many eastern gurus seek and discipline in different spiritual practices to achieve this state of being.

Today, the planet is moving faster along with the rest of universe, either our human race can open up to receive this Divine upgrade in body, mind and soul, to become Empty and birth a new civilization on Earth that lives as Life, as totality and Pure Love. Or we continue experiencing the shadow energy of the reality of this Oneness, and that will comes in form of chaos, illness, war and natural disaster. And your believe system determine how you experience these happenings.

We just crossed over the first gate of death, Coronavirus is an awakening related happening and tool, it is the time of GOING BEYOND DEATH, seeing with heart and know the perfection of Life. There is no dead for Awaken Soul.

Death and Enlightenment are the same, in the eyes of One, when there is no perceiver, truth becomes puriest reality.

Serena Devi

3rd June 2020, Turkey

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