A joyful Eclipse

We are beyond all of our doings, yet in flow action rise, creation takes place.

Not doing is part of soul growth into being in now and here, to only sit on breath, however for a heart that wishes to sing, dance, paint and write, nothing is more challenging than practicing not doing while everything falls off from our daily activities.

I began truthwalking in June 2017 and after surrendering all my belonging, attachment, I began to walk on earth with no plan, no money, no idea of right or wrong. Let go of creative self also was part of it, I packed my little life and art stuff and store them at a friend’s place. It is exactly 3 years from that day that I have been without a stable place for the last 3 years, on the page of pilgrimage, it is explained in more details.

What really brought these words into page was a joyful moment today that I got a bit of art supplies for a small art works and today after 3 years not touching a brush or a paint, I began painting and as The first line was drawn, tears began to fall on my face, I felt so much gratitude, love and life in my being.

My life still has not landed in one place, but I feel perhaps returning to art and writing both speaks of a new beginning and creation.

June 2017, divine will took me to unknown landscapes of my being, to shed, to let go, to really witness how everything has been an illusion, keeping myself separated from truth.

The path is really simple when there is no mind, everything is God, and I am nothing except a witness to this phenomenon named life.

Today, my heart dances in joy of creating… even in a short term space, I can swim in my human senses and rise to stars and gear up for more surprises to be experienced, cherished and celebrated.

This Eclipse is a magical one, if you ready to lose control and let God be.

Joy is our home. Now and here. 🙏🎶

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