Life, my soulmate

Life is here. Do not go out to find it.
Do not over think it.
Just feeling it right this moment. It unveils vulnerability of your human skin, like a gentle breeze of spring night over the moonlight.

Sorrow and pain of growing out of condition is a freedom entering your heart.
Feel everything.

You are not going to figure out life bringing, and taking away.
This is existence,
inhale all over again.

Exhale, all over again.
A bird sits on a tree branch while clouds whirls silently around the shapeless sky.
Life seems hazy sometimes, be patient, it is the water of your human blurring your mental sight.

Listen to your heart, feel the breath, giving in to a new rise. Follow the saviour exhale, close your eyes, your heart will lead you safe across all impossibles.

Life is here,

life is your soulmate.

Serena Devi

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