Who you are

Open your eyes

See who you are.

Hear the guitar player

Behind the veil.


There is no wanting, waiting

For people, things, dreams

To come, to leave.

Let contentment be your eternal state.

God’s love transcendence everything

Into weightless light and joy.

For peace to be here,

Person must vanishes, stories must end.

Sunflowers grow in silent fields,

Patient cat knows the secret path to milk jug.

Tooth ache makes everything tasteless.

Be inside your intimate feelings, thoughts

Observe and yet do not beleived them at all.

Everything comes into light

At the perfect time.

Be free like birds,

Constant like a day and night.

Gentle, like a rose petal,

Complete, like a breath.

Love is neutrality of life.

Enter through the gate of present,

and you shall never depart

the kingdom of love.

Listen to the guitar player,

The song of immortality,

End all perceptions of yourself


who you are.

And fall

into infinite ocean of joy.

June 8th, 2020


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