O rose,
the innocence of touch
have you found your way into his chamber;
could his dark secret love climbs on your noble body
taming your fragile soft petals?
Ah, the openness inside takes you
to the unmeasured valleys of pleasure
unknown purity of the divine feminine
sweetness of connection with his touch
under the melody of night and dance of stars
surrender to tenderness of love’s desires.
‘I am a rose, receive my folding heart
In each burst, pulse of joy
I say your name. My voice is your truth
my soft presence is the eternal passage of life;
let your lips hold my breath in a soft moan
in a sigh; receive my petals’ needs,
meet me inside the womb of serenity
by giving your divines’ seeds, unconditional.
O Lord of love, I am yours.
My lips of love are open to the mighty rain
ah, I am the blooming red rose
I exist to give, falling in you,
humming soundless in fluid joy;
the river of your desire
unleashed the passion of my soul.
The beautiful dance of moving in and out
through the endless ecstasy of infinite union.
O, rose, in pulsing of your breath
the voice of the Beloved is heard;
“Enter “.
Into the pure space of innocence
through the rite passage of your womb and heart
into the sacred union of divine self,
meet your masculine, meet your feminine.
Enter the sacred “YOU”,
fully surrender to love in galactic sphere of life
spark and flows in freedom of one soul.
O rose, the lover,
the beloved
are one.

© Serena Devi, November 2012

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