New Horizons

Mind plays the many masks of colours

While heart always choose

Wordless play of love.

A threshold to see new horizons.

The game of creation

Begins with self and it ends with Self.

One called small and the other eternal.

And soon again,

Perception becomes a new condition

To say this or that, I Am or You are.

Even what God is and what God is Not.

Stream of thoughts never stops, until mind stops to be identified with anything.

Then heart opens the secret passage, the threshold of liberation.

Endless Abyss must be crossed.

Pain, sorrow must be endured.

All experiences must be recorded, felt and shed away

Then there is a fall

Into No-thingness


Love is the greatest seduction of God,

Willingly we play our part, intimacy is removal of all veils, interior and exterior

How could One be Here with no centre, name tag, history, future, desire, knowing?

What this One could be?

When One is here,

nothing else could be here.

Here is a potent space, a white curtain, mirroring formless, timeless occurring of recognition,

God witness God. God Enjoy God.

The rest is mandatory illusion for evolution of consciousness.

The moment of full realization, persona dies and life becomes a neutral state, attitude free to all happening.

Emptiness is the home of an awaken mind, a womb of new horizons, in forever effortless natural flow of life.

And breathing, the love affair with All.

24th June, Istanbul

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