Aurora, song of One

Last night

I opened my heart

Found the beloved’s

thousands threads of gold

Swinging like a willow tree

Over the shadow of my dreams, where a lady clown was shaking an old clock with one hand, clapping with the other, screaming at a mirror…

Saying: I am pure, I pick up codes, I am the chosen one.

Finally she stopped, all creation could hear God’s breathing behind the silent mirror. The clown faded into a passing mist.

I was so afraid to find myself in the mirror, so I turned away, broken and sad, O used to love watching the talented clown, I knew her face behind the paint.

I walked further into my heart, a new place I guess, everything was colourful.

I found myself in a mystical garden, birds were singing poetry, and trees in dance with winds.

a little girl was sitting on a red velvet throne, blinking to stars,

Repeating a song, new to my ears.

I asked her name, she smiled and pointed to my heart.

I did not understand, asked again.

She had curly hair, shiny brown eyes and a smile that no one can forget.

This time, she came closer and whispered in my ears.

As I was trying so hard to make sense of her name, I woke up and saw a sparkling golden thread between my palms.

My name was written on it, Aurora!

Tears began to fall from my eyes, in each tear I found a vision, a song and a key.

By end of the night, everything in my room was floating in water.

Door was broken and water turned to a river and reached to an ocean.

By that time, nothing was left from I Am, body was a road, or perhaps a hollow. Interesting part was I still could feel my heart, but not inside the body,

My heart was a song that the little girl was singing.

I knew the mirror is broken, the clown is free.

I opened my heart and the conqueror walked in.

The world was ended, the dark dream has stopped.

The old clock began to work.

Aurora returned to her home.

Silence became the song of One.

Serena Devi

27th July 2020