My heart, my home

over the years, poems, letters were written in objective sense, duality through human eyes, today, heart is the true home, inner world is the only reality. yet, poems have their own destiny to flow in timeless beauty of past, present and future moments. Here is one living in her momentum.

Last night I was with the moon,

Gazing into unknown horizon.

I was myself

standing beside a man.

Wind measured the length of our distance,

Happiness was dropping form the clouds.

We were holding hands,

And light was holding us.

I could hear the giggle of stars,

Something began to grow,

While our steps get slower into the unknown.

He asked what do I think of the Roses?

I said, I prefer lilies, they are wide open

They have no shelter when wind blows.

Life is a risk in boundless fields,

An  undiscovered ecstasy

 when a lily is touched softly

by a  hummingbird’s wing.

In distance, a leaf fell down

he let go of my hand.

At that  moment, my heart was filled with grief.

I became more of myself.

I think I will always be alone in this world,

When it comes to bravery and stroke of lightening,

Of open heart and danger of loving,

I cherish the edge of blade of luminous warriors.

I can reborn every moment

And vanish from dream of tomorrows.

Life is so real,

I pray to sleep like never before

On a real bed, in a house, I call it my true home.

He drove me back to my packed green case,

Tomorrow is a new day.

I can fly, I can see everything from above,

Cause I came from the Stars.

It is sky, earth and lightening

That holds me close.

 My hands are free now,

In perfect wordlessness

Life reaches them,

Like a red fire.

Like a blessing of God.

I am myself,

coming down from the sky,

It is 5.55, sun just sat.

Tomorrow night I will sleep

In a new bed, alone and free

To have bigger dreams

Of the next man standing beside me.

He will say  “I have come from the stars.”

He won’t let go of my hand,

I am sure of that.

He will bring me lilies,

Without a question.

Life is so real

Bare and wild.

I choose lilies.

Air is full of fragrance.

I am myself, at home,

in my own heart.

Serena Devi 2019, January

Vancouver, Canada