Pilgrimage of love, return to origin joy

After years of seeking truth,writing human stories, sharing detailed process of transformation and transition. My heart has coming to her natural state of silence, observing all and somehow with more maturity witness and reflects what has been theme of the last 13 years cycle of heart pilgrimage and this year for many beings of light brings the true meaning of Home, Oneness hidden inside totality of what it is and emptiness of mind.

Our physical reality and dimension are energically (frequency ) is coming in total alignment with Original state of universe ( eternal state of conscoiuesness). Eventually the game of awakening/Enlightenment is a higher program of the creator to experience herself in newness of what our mind could never grasp,understand by mind. But if your heart has been calling the seeker out of your human borders, you have began the truth-walking on pilgrimage of heart. You become more and more of Original state of breath of One.

I have not been much into words,writing or even go out to sit in nature with water, birds and trees. Since my arrival in Istanbul,October 2019, it has been few whirlwind of events and happening in and out include the fact a d eefect of covid-19 on humanity across the earth that has been offering a unique space to each being to discover a piece of puzzle of our collective return to home of One. My human has been walking alone for many years and over the years my mind has been offering story to categorise and limit the aloneness experience.

I have to admit, my human program sometimes run short in universal awakening circuit for a day or two, but in general this aloneness kept the passion and fire in my heart always high in relation with truth seeking, being in present.

In January 2020, I noticed a major change and wiping in my brain and in result a huge part of personality, desires, memories, association with humans, timelines all were cleared. Like I never been here before, and yet there is a presence here, just no Sign of Serena.

Since then, this happening accrued few more times, I witness the rise of IAm ego, to control or stop the final dissolvement in ocean of truth, but in persisting of witness state, mind interference disappeared. The last few month, life has been simple for many that saw the uncontrolled happening of covid-19 a blessing in disguised. For the ones whom witnessing the return of their beings to Original state of One, it is much easier to allow, accept and flow with universe music. Unlike humans whom still trapped in believe system of mind, conditions, surviving and not enough, they know all is one, one is all, the true owner of life as we are, is God and in this obedience of energy and frequency, the keys to kingdoms of freedom, abundance a d joy will be unveiled for the ones that have crossed the desert of death and reborn in emptiness of moments.

The year ahead of us asking for full transparency, devotion to inner reality, tenderness to all lives, and trust in divine design. There is no knower here, and yet all will be revealed in moments.

And it feels I am also embarking another journey which my mind and body find challenging. The desire to stay unmoved, in one place, without engaging to outer world has bee so dominating, like being so deeply in monologue, also the someway listening to universe monologue. Now, that some senses are raised and moving my body to England, my birth land, mind trying so hard to create a plan and steps while it is almost impossible to go against the current of waves, that keep being in silence and witnessing state. To be honest,this has been the most strange and challenging part of heart pilgrimage. The tides of God, I named it.

To move so deep, deep within, where nirvana plays her song, mermaids dance and God smiles with one wave, pure presence and then move out into the world, into play of dualiy with another wave.

This has been a movement of divine pendulum, in a web of light, energy, locations, activation and purification that in each swing, something in universe comes to form or return to formless consciousness. My intuitive intake is, it is time for my body to return to original home, if she still keep her physical body and have a home on physical earth, is a mystery. All I can say in full transparency is I never imagine, guessed or plan to walk on earth this way. The intense love I feel to my bones, always moved me toward truth, what God is and who I am, and now what is here, is silence and the next move on God’s chess game, is to pack my suitcases one more time, and return to my birth land in September. My human mind has been writing an action plan according to her mental set up for security, comfort and control, but heart is smiling to all ideas of right and wrong doings…as I might just go back to never pay rent, never buy food, never see trees, birds or colour of sky, but perhaps to never leave Nirvana

to be placed, stillness in dream of Majestic presence.

I guess by end of Summer, all will be clear! One way or the other, this era is divine golden passage to full awakening, into beauty and living in present, to a meeting which already took place and we, humans, remembering it with every cell, every breath, every sense.

The joy is return to Original, remembering who we are.

No dead is real, no birth is real. The only reality is God. Celebrate the creator, be Joy.

Serena Devi

Istanbul August 2020