For the love of you

I just needed to close my eyes
and hear the heaven songs.
Night is over; you and I
laughing into the sun
swimming in the white streams
of happiness;
as mesmerizing breeze
of the Caspian sea,
we merge in Light.
My heart trembles with her soft lilies
before the breaking dawn; love overflows
from my heart to heart of all.
And I die and perish; stretch my soul
to eternity; in hope and faith
to live our one dream.
in life; in love
in one soul.
I yield between loves’ wings
from where my clay stands
all directions ascended
to tenderness of your touch.
I open my heart to be a shore of your sea;
to match your hunger with my thirst.
To love you with my whole heart and soul
to walk side by side; in form and shape
touch one another by a gentle smile.
Love renders my pain, a joy
my tears, a smile.
My beloved
take my body and heart
embrace our one soul; fill our cups
with no ending love.

For the love of you; I fell in love
with what beats within me.
Love taught me
how to yield;
how to be soft
and still be strong
how to own a great heart
and behold everything
in sacredness of life.

Serena Devi / New book The hidden lover