Pilgrimage of Heart… Homecoming

In a few days, I leave Istanbul and Turkey. My 10 months stay in this amazing country, exploring and connecting to its Original heritage, walking on stony streets and pathways, lightwork and gate activation beside bosphorus, afternoon walk sometimes uphill and sometime downhill, listen to a language that I only recognize and understand few words, has been a gradual growth of love and admiration of divine beauty, in this physical reality.

When one surrenders to divine will, she accepts the calm and storm of unknown waves of life, constantly moving her closer to her authenticity of Soul, In oneness of All.

Most of my time spent in aloneness and with drama of Covid-19 another layer added to physical isolation, as a result, I found myself in new space within, somewhere I never travelled before, it was no milestone or sign, it was a sudden fall into a hole, an abyss beyond knowing or expectation.

It took a long time, to stay in its pause, it carried some pressure and discomfort at human level, its vibration was like a atomic bomb for physical body, heat, burn, not able to speak, to leave bed or home. My heart was electrified by high voltage of Divine Love, it was energetically and even felt physically transformed to a Liquid flow of tenderness, tears began in May, on daily basis, feeling the entire existence, and seeing through veils into timeless Presence.

If I believed so far, I am an awaken advocate, the experience brought even more sharpness in eyes of One, the Witness became super charged with power of Seeing All through the creator eyes, feeling it all through the creator’s heart and fall even deeper into Silence, unmoved, frozen in beauty of life, drawn forever in ordinary moments of being and yet, each breath became a phenomenon master piece of Pure Consciousness.

Freedom is far wider than our human understanding. The borderless, unimaginable God and all possibilites, available to a heart, that bows to One.

The last few months, I have been enduring this disappearance, into abyss of Enlightenment, into spaceship of God, the creator.

As I began my gradual packing, another let go cycle started. Things go first, then emotional association, third self inquiry of what I really need to take, this seems funny for me, as I also never know where I am going to. It is a geographic location, a country, then a city or a village and possibility a bed and breakfast, a hotel room or even park bench which gratefully these days are far from happening, then a moment of wow, might be a sudden shock of fear in the body, releasing memories of condition, human fears and surviving from DNA, then my heart begin birthing her creation.

It usually follows by chain of events and meetings, in flow of synchronicity and I am still have no plan, no desire to grasp, keep sinking in heart, just seeing God, feeling God. My human ego by this time is at the edge of madness to do something, to find solution, because at the age of 55 years old, after 12 years living in suitcases, all she wants is to stay in one place, to have a physical home.

And somehow, at some levels these are all created and manifested by higher self to take my IAm to original state of Wholeness and Oneness, to fully integration of Divine vibration in my human system, so I stay more open, more into unknown, I fall like a drop into an ocean of innocence, into unborn and faith is a Master builder, moves effortless and graceful through solid matter and magic of unseen carries my body into a new physical reality.

Years have passed and Serena kept packing and unpacking her new and old suitcases across the earth and now, all is left, is homecoming.

As her heart and God’s heart sings the same song, dance in one move, paint in one brush. Serena is humbled, softened and freed by each step, with each tear, in hollow of God’s Hand, her head rested more and more.

1st September, she sits in a plane, returning to her Mother land, England. Again another b&b awaiting to host her body.

Is this a true homecoming? Who knows!

The stars have map a road for her, truth walking is a true walk of unity, as all disappears in One, the creator and the creation comes to their highest octave of Beauty, when heart is willing to ride, arm to arm with love.

I see you at the other side of Rainbow.

It will be always Divine beauty that stays eternal, the rest is not real.

Serena Devi

29th August 2020/Istanbul