The Symphony of ONE


Walking on earth is a mighty pilgrim to meet and be met in totality of life. It is a journey when truly embarked, brings divine masterpieces into graceful and magical  forms, transform hearts into a formless timeless transparent cup; to held the crystalline soft tenderness of majestic presence.

We (humans) trained to believe in what we see and what our ancestors told and restricted us to that limited self- serving  knowing. It takes lifetimes to arrive to true perception of life as we are. Equal-ship, balance,  neutrality, natural flow and the most exquisite law of one, the creator/creation frequency band which unleash the power of purposeful manifestation, pure beauty and joy of life.

To see as Divine creator, to be a Divine creator.

I have arrived on this planet almost 55 years ago, fully aware at early age that my life could only be about God, and it will be hard, because it felt I am going against the river which at the time was my human family, middle eastern heritage. I knew I have to  walk a rear and alone path which eventually formed into a heart pilgrimage, so many others also arrived before, after and around my arrival time, all somehow directed to find their own place in this divinely orchestrated cosmos symphony.

Our walked of aloneness, shaped a web of light unknowingly, and around mid 80s and 90s, we each consciously or unconsciously began to understand the world we see is part a whole, it is not the truth of living, no us as matter of fact.  Some of us were closer to Ascension data and ancient civilizations of light across galaxies and our solar system, some of us, became vanguard,  leaders of spiritual schools following Buddha and Christ teachings. Some became mystics and wizards, alone and anonymous, some healers, some broadcasters, leaders, channels, speakers… Over the last 12/20 year we gradually moved into our higher self- frequency presence and positioned, in specific locations or placed on golden pendulum, swinging with and through Earth frequencies, to work as a part of magnetic pole shift and super upgrade through solar system portals to clear,  energize, direct the magnetic fields of earth as well as localized light workers into Web of LIGHT, to re- structure our human life system  into more advanced form of life, to support the continues of life on earth.

Our walk began very individual and specific, like where we were placed, what we learnt and experiences as Humans. We needed those experiences for later time when the time arrives to shift gears, to stand as AN EMPTY SPACE, to BRING THROUGH POWER OF CREATION, AS A LEADING FREQUENCY, to keep the invisible side of CREATION in BALANCE, so the creation part could begin the divinely orchestrated  transformation. This is the time of this happening, we are in our positions, in  collaboration with our planet, Gaia, in her jump into A new PHYSICAL REALITY.  A galactic One, A Holy One.

Many of us knew from early age, we are part of a prophecy, will face and participate in some  sort of a spiritual evolution which will take place around certain time (our middle age 40s, 50s time) in connection to A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE  than our ancestors stories and their small world of self-serving, surviving/die  existence.  Today terms are dimensions, 3D, 4D, 5D and above. For me, at the age of 6, it was nothing specific like this, it was a feeling, a memory of a certain experiences, which I tried so hard to remember. It was vibrational reality, a memory of a tree in a shape of a crystal mountain, and my joyful existence without a shape, just a feeling of a huge warmth of light and vibrating as part of it. I made many attempts to repeat that memory through my physical body on and off till early twenties and I stopped as I also walked away from my divine calling.

Only now, after 12 intense years of full time work on energy level, after full healing of human aspects, freedom from Ego mind, and only recently, my body fully remembers the same memory that I knew at the age of 6 years  old.

I am sure this is not only my experience and many light beings are recognising the sameness in their current form, the memory of ONE HEART, THE BODY OF GOD.

Remembrance is our activation. Is our final step into unlimited power of Manifestation. As by end of 2020, shortly after American Presidency Election, our full power lands in crystalline hearts, it is this frequency that is coming to into physical, to re structure the entire HUMAN CIVILIZATION.

We are NOT the doer of it, we are NOT the KNOWER of it, WE are THE ENERGY and FREQUENCY of It.  


If you are awaken in this music from beyond, you surrender even more to present, you open more to become receptive of Emptiness.

Darkness is part of Light, and it is an intense time, we see manifestation of this warfare across the Earth, fire, virus, human wars, we even see it in our bodies, the many symptoms of ascension, in our individual physical journey, we face and release dark, over and over, with each inhale and exhale. We are born and design to participate fully in this Divine Transformational in PHYSICAL REALITY.

The awaken soul, has no fear, no limit, no tendency, no belief or disbelief, there is no hero here, no desire to be significant or be viewed or a consider special, ego can not  and should not interfere from this level. In Awaken STATE, everything and everyone is LIFE, Self has no face, identity and meaning.

In Community or in aloneness, ALL is ONE, One is All.

We are responsible free agents, designed and activated to BE, A NOTE in this DIVINELY ORCHESTRATED SYMPHONY.

In Light of above sharing, I acknowledge and embark a new position, unknown to my Human and well written by my soul/heart existence, to VOICE from THE OBSERVENT DECK of LIFE.

My arrival to my motherland is taking place stages by stages, however my heart has received the confirmation that it is indeed a HOME COMING, fasten the seat belt, beloved ones.

THE DIVINE CREATOR Breathing the HAPPENING, now an here, the gateway of  2020, is the YEAR of Jubilee in ASCENSTION Calendar for future of Earth to Remember.

OUR FUTURE is NOW, Listen to Silence and hear the Song of ONE.


Love and light


18 Sept 2020/ Bristol UK