Divine Dream- Pilgrimage of heart

Cosmos is a Dream of Divine, I read these words few minutes ago while my eyes were gazing out of the window, into blue sea, Brighton beach. How many times I sat on those shore, had a hotel room facing water, questioning the unknowable, surfing on waves of change, looking deeper into my own nature.

It is around 6 weeks since I returned to UK, at the time task seemed simple, the impeccable logic of anchoring, re-rooting. It has been months and over a year that I have accompanied by a soul brother whom has been offering his unconditional financial, emotional support in all highs and lows of this physical vessel, Serena across the Earth. This support has been a web of light, holding this tired body together and comfortable to process many different frequencies, clear, stabilize those locations on Earth, as well normal house keeping of intensity, dark energies of fear, lack, anger and violence. As well as her personal evolution into more of purity, self -less presence of One.

When I Left Istanbul on 1st September, I assume this return to England will offer a physical home, long term and permanent stay, with all funding and planning to make home on my birth land, the reality of everyday, experiences one after one, reflected a struggling movement to create and manifest such a place for myself. When one travels as long as I did, get familiar with how waves of creation works, what is in the flow, comes easy and effortless. And if not, then divine plan wishes for something else, there is another Dream that has to be embraced, longed for, walked toward.

Of course there is a longer version of these, in the form of story that how I got so close to sign a one year contract for a small flat to call it home and oh dear one my heart wishes for a personal space where I can hang my painting and choose the colour of my bedsheets, I can actually unpack my suitcase and have a drawer for my socks and shirts. Some days, I really wished  I could play small roles and my heart had not the ability of big visions, seeing the collective consciousness connections and dreams and breathing them into life by every step I walk in transparency and devotion to the Source of all. I do not know where I am going or even what here should look like. I stand in Now, in moments of truth that could shatter my human desires and wishes, however I am not my human skin, I have been a timeless surfer of galaxies, I know the smell of garden of love, The fragrance of the beloved is so strong, so real that no illusion can darken my heart into submission  for a small comfortable dream of a 55 years old body of a woman whom has tirelessly been moved since mid-twenties across this planet, first unaware and letter on somehow awaken, truth walking, silent walking, abundant walking, alone walking, humble walking… is she stops, who else can walk such a path, such a calling, to be always surrender to Divine will. This disappearance has been the voice of my soul.

Here we are, one moment alone with all creation, with Cosmos, a choiceless awareness, where eyes cannot see themselves, just wide open into seamless ocean of now while the unfathomable grace moves one closer to Big bold Vision of Union, Unified front of one Truth.

This morning I woke up in a budget hotel, as usual gifted by miracles of universe in a room facing the sea, and for a first time since my arrival, I can feel deep in my heart that how distracted I was from the truth, that renting a place for myself is not part of who I am, or what I am here to be used for.

I belong to revolution of Spirit into form, the body has been always a vehicle, a place for a sound or a song, a poetry of Divine into motion. So with a big sigh I honor this moment between myself and myself. I look out of the window and witness the phenomenon harmony and oneness of waves across the open sea, the freedom and choice of togetherness, to be a wave and to be an ocean is the same truth, and none can go against the other. This is the mystery of Cosmos and the Dreamer knows it well, allow the magic, the gravity of love to carry everything into rightful position and I guess this will be my next. Resting in present and understanding that I could never have what is not Mine in consciousness.

Open more to creative magic of life as collectively we have entered a NEW Set of  Divine Dream  for 2021 to merge, shape and manifest  from each awaken soul, desire and dream to hold this purified dream for entire planet,  solar system and universe. To be at peace, to be free, to stand as empty vessel in flow of Divine will.

I sense a short stay along the Shore of Brighton perhaps for another month, perhaps a little space for more writing and time for reflecting, in that case, I will write more on my blog and also take a conscious step to creation of ONE FOUNDATION, as this vision has been a voice and blueprint of my soul since the beginning, the role needs to be played, personal dreams or desires need to let go, all relations are complementary in this HUGE MOVEMENT of GOD, into FORM, to purify life, renew Life, to Unify in LIFE.

When external world fades away, we truly see with our hearts, the true beloved is hidden inside. All rivers, forests, mountains, lovers, friends, seagulls and all poetry in the world, all reflects the true beloved within, seek no more, breathe into now and smile lovingly toward yourself, hold your every fibre in tenderness and surrender your body, mind and soul over to the creator of all, rest peacefully in music of One.

In love, in Gratitude