Into the Storm

Nature follows a mysterious rhythm. For years science have been trying to grasp, analysis, explain and rationalize its simple and yet phenomenon movements. Nature, for herself is understood, embraced and surrendered, her language, interconnectivity, cycles, creation and change, all in perfect harmony, all transformational dance of One. The innocence is the truth of life flow, before and after all storms, all changes, it rests peacefully between the Maker’s hands.

Humans have never been separated from nature, from the rest of creation. So why we are so trapped into limitation of outer reality, almost at the cause of distruction of our species we value outer reality. We have missed to see our own beauty, listen to our own song. Even in the face of the greatest shake up of Spirit, in form of Enlightenment, Collective Ascension, we refuse to mature up and trust the unseen in us, listen to genuine hum of universe instead of ego’s imitations of original that keeps the outer perspective real ,while it is just a projection on a screen of forever changeable sea.

This boundless sea, with all waves and air bubbles, with pastel colours of morning sun, with romantic whispers of wind before it turn it into the storm, while two seagulls try so hard to catch a fish and none ready to give it up, offer it to the other. This unpredictable sea has been witness of many storms, many sunny days when children run on golden sands with their ping pong rackets, bouncing the ball, while air softly, tenderly carry it into the light, such a play, such a performance.

Sea in her stillness, opens to coming clouds, darkening the sky. First the gentle drops of rain and noise of, humans’ feet running for a shelter.

The beach gets empty, while sea enters into birthing a sacred rebel without a face, suddenly all waves become one, into emptiness of next moment, when no one is there to watch, to give a meaning, there is no science that could ever understand the nature of storm, the nature of change, the nature of God.

We try with all of our arrogance and self -righteous of our human mind to be seen, to have a role and play in coming and going of storm, we name it evolution, we sell books, articles, we offer workshops, podcasts. We look at each other and like a record keep saying we are one while the one is laughing behind the scene. It is so hard for human to accept their no-thingness, how insignificant their perceived outer reality is in the dance of nature, in effortless flow of life.

We still try to be significant , we think ego is something we need to kill or get rid of and the new are free and the world is liberated while the first step toward truth is, either Divine is here or you. As you are not real, so no matter of your opinion and ideas of before/after, middle storm, sea will continue, waves have no choice but to follow. To experience one, even witness has to dissolve, no wave could ever remember her own identity, her roles, her mission, predictions, no waves could know what comes after storm, because her own very nature is the storm, is the flowing changeable wave.

If we truly want to be liberated from mind and constant focus on outer reality which is only a projection of truth, it is the time to meet ourselves and let our beaches be empty, so light can reach the golden sands, and sea embraces all her waves equally, even some goes higher than the other and some patiently stay invisible. The magic of nature is full embodiment of allowing, surrendering and innocence presence. The joy of being a wave is an unmeasured state of union.

The  softer overcome the hardness, the innocence surrenders to life, the truth could only be lived in present moment, there is no future or past for a sacred rebel, the faceless being is the ultimate manifestation of One.

 Which one is real?

 the instrument, the song, the composer, the audience, the experience?

In opening up to unknowable, sea and her waves, storm and her changes, a moment of phenomenon is created,, that moment is you, witnessing you, without interior or exterior, pure presence of innocence.

Pure innocence is oneness.

That is, God is.

Something in Serena, likes to speak riddles, in metaphors, and words for her are the fragrance of beauty and mystery of her heart, where the true beloved lives, so how she ever give a language to what is so mature, delicious and mesmerising. And that is why poetry always takes her to depth of oceans and beyond galaxies, she never see what is outside, she only hears the breathing of one, inside… and with each breath she fades away, fades away…

In love

Brighton Oct 2020