Fall into your heart!

What do you feel?

What song is playing in your heart?

What do you want? What do you need?

Where the breath comes from? What is there, inside the emptiness calling you to delve deeper?

What is aching, what is thriving, what asks you for integrity? What wants to surface?

To speak, to share, to cry, to be here and now?

All your feelings are taking you.. the place that there is No- You. It is a space, a neutral space, with no wall, level, time…

Perhaps the root of all of belonging, the true home.

Where you stay peaceful, unconditional.

 open, natural and beautiful, like a silent Lilly in a meadow.

Like a still lake behind a passing fog,

You in your ultimate nature,

Abundant like Earth,

Flowing like a river,

Magical like music,

Truthful like a sun,

Simple like a leaf,

Patient like Sky,

Loving like pair of eyes,

Fiercely like God’s impulse,

Friendly like standing trees,

Passionate like a storm

One like an ocean.

You become the witness of all feelings, the holding space of Now,

Intimate, sincere, powerful as life.

The breath you are,

The feelings you are,

The emptiness, the possibilities, the joy of not knowing where this yearning takes you

It must be an end, a completion, a purpose…

You walk with all you have, all you are

Into something, it is formless until your desire gives it form.

In is unborn until your heart aches into its birth.

Your eyes held everything outside of you, if your lucky, you see them all sacred, pure and perfect.

But only inside your feelings speak to you of what really matters,

And it is not on the screen of the world,

It is much simpler, original and childlike,

What you really feel, is for your heart

To fall in love, in boundless space of freedom,

To meet yourself

To know yourself.

Everything you feel is you, getting closer and closer to One united experience

Eternal experience of life, repeatedly invite you to joyful breathing

In love,

In God.

Say Yes, say Yes,

And fall into what it is,

Fall into your heart.