October 2020, Embodiment of One

We are in a collective movement into emptiness. Many vessels including this humble one, have been pulled to front row of final months of transition of New Earth into full embodiment. The effect individually and collectively is unmeasured and require a deeper jump into Surrendering and Allowing parts of Soul. I cannot believe that just 7 weeks ago, I was sitting in my favourite armchair in a lovely apartment in Etiler/Istanbul pondering in silence with trees and birds, a peaceful reality in and out and since my return to England, feels a constant jump from one wave to another, surfing into more speed of transformation, let go and trusting divine impulses.

In the sense of Oneness it is impossible to explain every twist of consciousness through inner and outer shifts, but the ones that running the waves, like a drop of water know in their fall and rise, the entire world is changing and what they are facing might appear hard and impossible for human mind’s , might be very challenging for their physical body if they are like me at mid fifties and on a constant movement from one location to another, sometimes with less clarity and much more than usual chaos and destruction.

The best image I can offer is like an Indian Jones movies  that the hero of the movie jumps  from one rope to another, between earth and sky, and not sure if even can reach to the other side, and beneath, earth is shaking and like earthquake, cracks and falls into hollow of nothingness,  flames rising and the spin of events are too fast, the front runner of frequency right now are the heroes of God’s movie and going through many layers of transformation and embodiment into more of their true essence.

Since my arrival on 1st Sept, I have been moved and stayed in 9 different locations on UK, Somerset, Wells, Bath, Bristol, Chichester, Brighton, Hove. It all began with few impulses and a lot of confusion to get it right, to understand by seeing into depth of ONE Vision, so I made few human mistakes, hoping this is about my stability and beginning , haha, shortly after each move a whole cycle of creation was destroyed. I was trying to let a flat and house, and few time so close to signing of contract, it falls apart. I tried to stay in a cheap lodging accommodation, was kicked out by the landlady whom clearly was took over by Dark side as her heart was empty of faith. So, I kept surfing the current and still trying to get some footing for myself, two more times my attempts for rental ended in disastrous outcome with a lot of earthy doing which is not at all my normal flow. I even ordered furniture, and stuff for a new flat and two days prior all fall apart. So I moved to a hotel by the water and received a partial upgrade and noticed thinking for permeant stay in England in Not in Divine plan, so I decided to get into a short let for couple of months, give body some resting time… and haha, another kick of inner transformation, divine plan in disguised, in form of  chaos came and the place as lovely as  it appeared turned to be one of a hell for Serena, one of the nosiest flat I ever stayed ever.

Since last Saturday that I moved in, I barely had a sleep due to noise from top  to bottom of the building, with a great season finally of loud music and drunken talk till 5 am.

  I finally surrender that even a short let base is not in a plan! 😊 and now I am moving in a 48 hours, with dizziness and headache packing and laughing loud as the minute I let it go, my entire being moved into silence with all the noise outside, I Am landed in alignment with divine plan!

Truthfully, I do not need to share any of these experiences as for sometime it has been clear that walking Alone is what is I am assigned for and over the last 20 months, has been curving more and more of all layers of human programs, desires, believes. My heart has become a neutral, boundless space for EMPTINESS.

I share my walk, heart pilgrimage openly here since it really began to completely move my human in humble position of receiving and accepting gratefully. Many of humans are in process of awakening, some are paired up and follow the guideline of masculine and feminine structure, some gathered under umbrella of Ascension  and collective and follow that structure, wayshowers, teachers and so on. And few like Serena, have been always in direct communication with Divine Self from early time, I would like to call her, mystic as she follows no one, she is no one! Just a good navigator in present, to recognise the movement of current, compare it with Holy Vision of Unity, Body of One, and also witness herself. Serena is far from being completed, unlike many so good in talking and preaching, she likes to just walk the truth, as silently and as lovingly possible.

So, the last few weeks observation through personal and other reflections, pointing that God is going full power into embodiment in this time and space, in all vessels/humans/bodies that are ready to step aside and be. Embrace the emptiness and unknowable and no matter how hard their body and mind translate the experience, trust their own observation, the voice of their heart. As by getting closer to 3rd Nov and America election, consciousness will poke consciousness even deeper to release all extra layer of the knower/ the doer. And if you really know who you are, you invest your time to sit still, alone and listen to what really exist. Let the rest disappear. If you really wish for liberation, be empty, so ALL ONE ( ALONE) so you will be WHOLE and UNIFIED.

Physical reality in whatever form appears, is polarity and duality illusion, even when you have no bed no food and surviving becomes so strong that your entire body gets soft and vulnerable in front of power of creation, my (IAM) have crossed many long nights, days with no place of rest, no knowing what tomorrow brings, I became so bended, so humbled to learn great lessons, to develop strong intuition and see through my own ego, my human aspect as well as continuously evolve to a higher abilities of my God Essence.

The next of October is moving us to complete integration of NEW EARTH, Creation Frequency and all captains are on deck 😊, no room for personal attachment, story or control. We have to really walk this, than talk it, our own experience is our own map an teacher, I learnt greatly from my last 6 weeks of not happening and chaos of mind, constant offering solution for the next and the next.

Time to drop the mind completely and let flames of One consume us, trust me, when you are out of alignment you will feel it and the underlayer pain is the indication of presence of duality, stop it there. Pause, instead of going on more gas to make something happen, press the break and stop the car and then observe, something will flow into your awareness, wait before engage your ATTENTION, feel it with heart, with guts, listen deeper, allow silence hold the space and you will hear Divine’s hum, a gentle nod, a warm feeling, even it takes you to complete unknown, like me packing back again, into my suitcases, going to sit here and then perhaps a hotel until I really feel I am moved to a place, to a path, to a field, to not knowing if I can cross the next bridge.

I trust the creator that I am becoming more and more, by loss of personality, attachments, right and wrongs, by seeing anyone outside separated from I am. It is easy, when all your heart knows, is loving, is loving that you become, the emptier you become, the deeper joy glides…

Believe me, 12 years is a very long time for a human to live without a base, a home or sense of belonging, but am I a human? Of Just a poem of God and now is my moment to be between God’s graceful lips, hearing myself, echoing into creation, as universe dances and stars clap, I truly embrace the Nothingness. Let emptiness be my home, my dream of One.

Serena Devi

Brighton 23rd Oct 2020