New beyond all knowing

I am embarking a new flight into unknown! I am sure many after reading my posts, will say doesn’t she get tired of so many travels, packing and unpacking!

My answer comes with a smile followed by a laughter, I really do not know, how my body goes through so many movements, adjusting to many beds, weather, culture and now on top of all we can Covid-19 to think of with all our colourful face masks.

Tomorrow I am sitting in a plane as divine will blow me to even deeper space of love and this time, all strength and faith are called on to take me back to Cyprus, to Larnaca where my truthwalking began in 2017.

A lot took place over the last 2 months while I am returned to UK, long story, saving it for a book, all I can say, when something is not for us, somewhere is not right, time is not right, no power on earth can make it happen!

So one deeper fall in surrendering, breathing in Now, birthing New, not knowing what new really is.

Once I was walking in a valley full of wild flowers and many many colourful butterflies, that evening I wrote a poem, which I share it now…perhaps that speaks of my heart, better than myself.

At least once in a life time
We all pass through
the valley of love.

See the open meadow,
Hear running stream,
And yes…colourful butterflies…
free in the air, dancing life
consoling love.

Yes, we see and wonder…
the secret in their highs
Their serenity,
in belonging to sky
their joy in following
the wind under their little wings…

the eternal children
cheerful in now
gripped by joy…
disappear from eyes
while they still reside
in the valley of love.

We have never learnt
to trust our nature,
and know
our dance is designed.
faith is the secret strength
moving us through life,
we guess
happiness is the comfort,
while our peace turns to dust
in anger, depression and lust.

The hours are ours,
The meadow is always open,
Butterflies, our friends
inviting us.

Next visit,
of the valley
stay still,
no rush to pass by
listen to silence, feel the freedom,
be open, and receive the touch,
the trembling in your heart,
be open,
to surrender to what it sings,
and grow wings
stay in the valley,
dance your nature,
Hear your sweetest names,
unearthly music
transforming your heart shape,
burst out in love.

Find yourself in your true nature
you are an eternal child,
belonging to the poundings of the hearts.
beyond all valleys, meadows
and even sun.

heaviness is lifted
all is here
is a boundless blue sky.

© Serena Devi, March 2011

I guess my next post will be from Cyprus and if divine flow allows, perhaps I have some long term stay in one place so concentrate on writing and complete the few projects at my hand.

These days, beloved dream feels so real. But time always unveil one layer and we see real has not be so real, it is just how we perceive life, without a perceiv-er, dream is just a movie that all actors go home afterwards until the next movie!