Truth Hunter / Pilgrimage of Heart

This one covers more on nature of personal experiences and how so far arrival to Cyprus have been unfolding and perceived by Self. 2nd of November is less than a two weeks on linear and it feels again much longer than my arrival day to this Sunny Island where once I experienced complete death and alchemy of Soul in 2017.

For the ones whom become one with divine will, choosing is not matter of desire or wish or even planning. When I am asked what are your plans, are you staying in Cyprus, is it finally manifesting a home, even sometimes myself  ask the same questions, the answer is always a laugh and then a relax smile on Serena’s face! She will be 55 years old on 27th November and since 2008, her life has been a constant move across this planet! While her personal preference is to stay in one place, follow a routine, have an art studio, large enough for all sort of creativity, dance, paint, cook and share.. ah, her heart really wants a Tavern 😊 that all could come bring their own fragrance, plant their own trees, in this huge space which she really loves to  call, The Garden of Beloved, The house of Truth.  Yes, Serena has dreams, ideas and a lot of passion for beauty and sacredness, for being here and breathe. And yet she seems still on a road, on heart pilgrimage, in palms of Divine, moving in, flowing out.

And now back in Cyprus where she totally let go of control, what this return means. Well, this is a long post by the way, so if you wish to get your coffee or tea and come and sit beside this window, while sipping on your moments, she would like to read a story about this small land.

This story is written in future, it is mapped by stars and master of times. To be a truth Hunter, to feel beyond form and move slightly before time moves, you have to be A Master of Time. Shaping events, movements consciously. It is like a puzzle that one has the map and full design and yet for fun, must look, see, choose and put together those little parts a whole gradually, patiently and specifically to re create the exact design. The ART of Puzzle making!

In the current of awakening, many in a process of waking up, but some already and fully are awake and yet that only makes them more empty, open and available to Divine will. They have access to complete Design of the puzzle given to them, so they can create and co create with the Source, until the puzzle which is truly the essence od their life, come closer and closer to full manifestation on physical and form. They are given abilities to access the frequency/ vision/ master plan of non- physical and then choose the matter/ elements/ locations/ parts as they move deeper and deeper to a free agent of Divine Will.

The parts of puzzle, will only makes sense individually, however if they belong to the same wave of consciousness, their puzzles look similar and yet they will have their own choosing in how to make it, one might start from corners, the other in a middle, one might choose by sameness of colours, other by lines. I hope this makes senses and assist to understand the happenings and events in your own reality, as we are not helpless in this ascension, Divine will does not mean we are powerless or choiceless, it is a choiceless awareness! We only can play our own puzzle, awareness we are, and yet only in our won alignment, we sense the formless, the map of our created reality and according to laws of creation and truth, we can become hunters of truth, than be a hunted by circumstances and our limited believes, without accessing our own map, co creation takes much longer to manifest the desired whole puzzle, and to gain access, we need to dance between formless and form, we need to be Masters of Time.

Serena is a Time Master, her activation shaped through years of homelessness, being stripped of all possessions, relations, she fed only by truth, by love and devotion to the source of all. For her beyond physical gifts she faced her own death over and over, to understand how to stay a witness in her own puzzle making, how to follow the original design given to her, how to be patient, determine and still detach to all outcomes.

So, she eventually understood the witness position and how physical movements of her body across the planet is like choosing a piece of a puzzle to bring the whole truth into form as her living life.

Return to Cyprus and staying in Larnaca to begin with was part of release of her past emotions stored in her web of consciousness, like a dark dot on a white page, which this return released the energy, but it is not hers, it is a collective disharmony which the release could only be processed by awaken souls, with frequency link to the lands. Their hearts are an open Universe to see through all darkness and breath into illusion and bring truth more into real, into form. To Be more of God here, and no one else. This is a constant process of many truth-walkers on earth, some more aware of the nature of this walk and others still in final shedding of all humans aspects, so activation finalized their transformation to THE TIME MASTERS.

Understanding is freedom, I truly know the depth of this sentence and there is no limit in understanding, but it is not a mind base happening, in only happens through an open heart, a heart planted in Flame of one. The nature of truth is a burning one, it does not leave any space for a shadow, doubt and lack. Divine will is The Absolute. To hold such a power, we have to be soil, to be soft, shapeless breath. We have to be empty to be a Master of Time. Truth hunting is the Mastery of Time. The more aware we become, the easier this process is.

Now back to my human story, when after two months search, try and force, I could not rent a long term flat in Brighton/ UK, I knew I have to surrender again ,deeper than ever, and in a moment the Name of Cyprus came and as I lived in Larnaca in 2016/17 and had a very challenging time, faced deep fears of surviving and again sold my little life to be able t obuy a ticket back to Europe and $200, I did resist the impulse of this return. And now again I am laughing 😊 like I have any choice!

After few days, I soften and booked a ticket and a month accommodations in form of few bnb, and again hopeful that this turns to a long stay and some sort of home, My brain does not give up on having home 😊, the cycle of events, little reflections here and there, like old relation does not reply back, or the flat is noisy and have to change it, or going for a long term viewing turns pointless, all shows that this piece in my hand does not fit in this corner of the puzzle. I need to put it down, go for a walk on a beach, forget everything, forget about what is my needs, desires and open up to heart, to truth, to who I am and why my body keeps moving coming back to Mediterranean seas.

Why there is such a connection with Saint Lazarus in Larnaca, and now I am pushed to go to Nicosia while there is another Aya Sophia Church witch again has been a masque as well, and I need to visit.

So my entire plan changed this morning, I leave to Nicosia next week, in another bnb. Seems my birthday will be in a NEW City, A new timeline, a new unknown. And I say wholeheartedly YES.. I know it is a miracle that I am still capable in complete physical aloneness, all One, move across this planet. My heart loves so deep, this love is everything  

And when my body feels so tired and sometimes really exhausted with carrying suitcases, packing and unpack, suddenly the day of move comes and she feels so capable, the 24 kgs suitcase become weightless, the 5 hours flight with all drama of mask and Corona pandemic restriction becomes a moment of dream, in face of such a magic, my heart melts into obedience of invisible love, flow into more of love, she flies wingless into One. This is how I see what God see, I feel what God feels and my eyes become full of tears of gratitude, passion and desire to give all back to the creator.

So, I follow all signs to details, I sit in silence with my heart, so I can hear God, so I can follow the original design and yet my human  is fully sacrificed, and why should I care of something that is not even real. I am no-thing, no-one, if there is anything here, it is Divine Will and perhaps this month that my body number will be 55 Years on 27th of November, will be a significant sign to fully accept what is here ,in now and not seek a meaning or even a purpose. Just trust the map in my heart is the Face of Beloved, The map of Universe and the greatest joy of knowing is the unknowable power lies in this dissolvement in One.

Mastery of time is for all beings when they arrive to completion of one stage to another, linear time is an illusion and eventually we also move into space of no space, as Gaia frequency and us will become one, freedom codes are in this marriage of frequencies, honouring truth is the only way through so many layers of untrue.

It is a choice to  be an infinite truth hunter, to see the visions, sense the truth and fly into dark, be free and ready to be used fully by the Creator of All, for the Good of all.

That is what I signed up for and so far, a broken heart, over and over when no hardness Is left, no person is left,  light flows  out, freedom of devotion and a life embodied  and infused by blood of God.

Heart Bows at All Saints that died in following Christs footsteps

We rise as Phoenix

Our Flame is Flame of ONE,

Our Blood is Truth,

Our Voice is Liberation all livings,

Our time is Now, We are the Revolution of Spirit, into Form.


Serena Devi

Larnaca Nov 2020