A Chant

In the corner of garden
A silent flower
Dances with wind, mantra of ” Thank you”.
Soft touch of grace
On rim of dreams.
The beloved face
Just close enough
Intimate enough
With fingertips of my heart.
Unsatisfied eternal hunger for self
Meeting Self,
What a beauty
This mystery is.
Moments of recognition
No objective, no identity,
No border, no understanding.
Alive, breathing in and out,
To live,to be me.
Allowing my world to disappear,
Allowing yours to flow in.
Beloved, in your own right timing
Put your arms around me,
Let me rest peacefully in beating of your heart
Next to mine.
Let my breath
Be alone
In gaze into eternity.
Ah my sweet creation,
For you, I endured sky walking,
For the love of stars
I became a poetry,
For knowing joy
I scattered my heart into pieces.
Beholding the sacredness of nature
Beauty beyond measure, form
Limitless presence
Gaze of One.
I love you,
I love me,
Who sees the other,
What other sees in me.
Close your eyes
Close your senses
Wake up
Wake up.
The sujud of flowers under the sun
Luminous moment
Of truth
Embraced by untouched infinite beauty
Beloved of my heart.
Love is the mantra between
You and me
Forever yearning
Between a glass and a ray of sun.

“Thank you” life.

Words have left my world
This chant is smell of your aroma
In memory of our lovemaking,
Ah beloved,
Love made us dreamy butterflies
Burning in flames
Becoming One.

Serena Devi

Larnaca November 2020

*Sujud:Sujūd, or sajdah, is the act of low bowing or prostration to God towards the qiblah.