The Seat of Now, Nov/Dec 2020 update

The Seat of Now, Embodiment of Truth

From the beginning of September, time has been speeding up in acceleration of consciousness and physical embodiment/manifestation.

The Collective observer position stronger in Seat of Now, centralizing in Vision of Unity, like a strong tides of Divine moving all parts( Human Souls) into a faster dissolvement in One, therefore any part still holding a limiting pattern, unhealed wounds, autopilot pattern, is pushed to a quicksand of transformation and unbearable struggle in illusion side of reality ( world of matter).

In Serena’s human story, the intent of  having a home and base on earth and physical has been moved to space of not going back, where all past stories, believes are brought into light, while all lower constantly created unwanted experiences, like getting close to rent a year space and falls apart, or even with short term bnb and hotel rooms, physical movement kept speeding up and felt like a windstorm, going to through each day, pack and unpack, feel tired, try to think and choose the next place, what is leaving as a lower frequency in my human story is a life time believe stored in DNA and bone structures. It has nothing to do with how awaken the witness, it is about embodiment of highest level of consciousness into form/body. This low vibration in body also has a sticky nature and might take few chaotic and shaking up physical experience, until new space inside happens and be released, so Divine Will/pure consciousness moves one more level into Embodiment of Pure State of life in this body/ Serena.

Decision making and using mind has become a torture and a constant one step forward in reality and again two steps back, at the same time, it feels my heart is burning into a new stage of love and alchemy within. Energy inside of body feels like a Tsunami of passion and burst of fiery love that keeps melting heart into emptiness and then flow of different sensation, true orgasm in love, true unity. Episodes of tears, sobbing, sujud on a ground, whirling and sweat, feeling kissed inside by lips of Divine, and more and more love, waves of heat and light in head, in chest and strong vibration within body that shakes her for hours and then complete loss in timeless, nowhere, just pure light.

All these are new experiences and sometimes really over whelming when body has to move from one location to another, to keep inner balance and peace.

On Wednesday for example I was suppose to go To Nicosia and in less than 24hrs, suddenly timeline shifted and I found myself in a isolated resort in 20 km from Larnaca, with almost not guests, in a huge garden flat, with ocean in less than 100 meter. An oasis of light. This piece of puzzle feels like home, a memory of Heaven, of no form part of Serena, feels SEAT of NOW in the Highest timeline so far I have travelled to with my physical body on Earth. It carried so much peace and tranquillity, mind even offered to extend the stay here for the rest of the year and cancel the Nicosia! And as I was observing, I felt a deeper acceptance, falling deeper in now and natural. Less trying to hold on a feeling Good/feeling permanent sense or avoiding challenge/struggle. It felt let moment unfold it.

By allowing, without making a decision interesting thing happened. About 2 hours ago, a constant noise of gun and shooting began, like I am in War Zone, so I called the reception and they informed me there is a military base close by and few days of week, this training happens, they even have tanks and I might even hear some loud movement on ground as it is not much far away and I began a loud laugh and an Awe moment! What happened to my Oasis of love and peace?

I have witness this disharmony many times in my recent experiences and all really showing me there is an inner conflict, undiscovered or so deeply buried that I have been living this loop over and over since 2017, all related to HOME, Physical space, a constant sense of temporary. In the beginning was much more dramatic, as all my fears of abonnement, lack of abundance, surviving, self- worth and love, all were triggered, showed, at all level experienced and released and only after end of that full clearing cycle, abundance in form of support of Spiritual companionship manifested, when I really ended in Los Angeles, On santa Monica ,alone with a 23kgs suitcase and yoga mat, sleeping on stairs of a motel as staying on a beach among homeless people was so frightening. I had no sleep for 3 days. For me to really accept and land on Seat of Now, that level of embodiment at that frequency was required. It is a mistake we think our Ego is a part that must die or controlled, that will never takes place while there is a physical body. The greatest wisdom comes from Being fully in Present, and have a free mind, in that state, ego is disabled and thought might rise, mind still offers saving scenarios, ego still invites the game of separation, but the observer is awake, could really feel through layers and layers of time fibre, could feel the tides of God, and offer herself to waves of it, could fall into Allowing which is in full power when soul sits on Seat of Now.

Sometimes different offered perspectives of our own mind is helpful, sometimes to experience storms and relate to core of being can unveil hidden untrue in human system.

The month od Sept and October were mainly designed ( in my human path) to bring certain buried emotions and believes  to surface, to be observed,  recognised and accepted. This is how Time Mastery shapes, this is how personal will melts in Divine Will. The Embodiment of truth is a transcend process as we move more into our authentic alignment with true self, the stronger the energy flows into manifestation. In a timeless reality, every thought is a seed of creation, it is only the neutrality of acceptance that creates the space for embodiment of Truth, and for Serena, for example if somehow Serena has been creating a non stop physical movement to plant the seed of permanent home, align to her authentic soul vibration, so far she has been getting rid of the shadow, the low frequency, the inner conflict, so the space becomes empty, for her higher momentum, to manifest the Home that consciousness designed for her ( this part of God) to create and bring into physical. And it might not just be really about 4 walls and furniture, it is about also her own body and how for 55 years she never deeply and 100 % accepted Her as a physical home for Soul and Divine Presence, never felt fully United in her body, and now all aspects and levels In HER LIGHT of One, are coming into Marriage with God, the experience is the SEAL to open the next level of Embodiment and that is a collective happening for month of November and December 2020.

God has been downloaded in our every cells, form and formless and the greatest and purest Force of Creation is Birthing Now, at the Entry Gate to 2021.

No possibility for unintentional, accident and ego play, in and out, personal and collective.

We are Saints of New Earth, our blood carries  POWER  of God, our intentions has nothing to do with thinking of it, It is Hidden in Heart, wrapped in love,  the shed of shadow from entire planet is our next happening.

It is the time to voice Truth, to Stand transparent, to be the ultimate Intensity of Flame of One. We are the braves, the Wizards of Universe. These are not words, it is the Force of One, fuelling our hearts, our bodies, our one movement toward LIBIRATION of all lives.

Be, Be,

Be that is breathing You.

Be soft and fiery

Be Still and passionate

Be a wave and Ocean

Meet the hidden lover

You are everything

This love is everything.

This love is God.

And I am finally Home.

I am Home of All.

Serena Devi

Mazotos, Larnaca 20th Nov 2020