Poetry night

Only poetry..

Only you!

Coming back from the garden of soul
naked form all desires and hopes.
I have met my beloved.
The royal falcon
soaring high, exhilarating life,
glimpse of his beauty,
turned blur the world outside.
My heart is pounding fast
immaculate love illuminating all.
No word is left to be said.
I am weeping.


with no ending loveI just needed to close my eyes
and hear the heaven songs.
Night is over; you and I
laughing into the sun
swimming in the white streams
of happiness;
as mesmerizing breeze
of the Caspian sea,
we merge in Light.
My heart trembles with her soft lilies
before the breaking dawn; love overflows
from my heart to heart of all.
And I die and perish; stretch my soul
to eternity; in hope and faith
to live our one dream.
in life; in love
in one soul.
I yield between loves’ wings
from where my clay stands
all directions ascended
to tenderness of your touch.
I open my heart to be a shore of your sea;
to match your hunger with my thirst.
To love you with my whole heart and soul
to walk side by side; in form and shape
touch one another by a gentle smile.
Love renders my pain, a joy
my tears, a smile.
My beloved
take my body and heart
embrace our one soul; fill our cups with no ending love.


If you can’t kiss the soft skin of wise serpent
do not entre to the castle of heart,
if you can’t dance to melody of nightingale
do not take off your shoes,
if you don’t dare to get naked,
do not swim in ocean of the truth.
If you are not ready to give up your life
to be one with your twin-flame
do not step in path love

Mo more words
Between lovers,
A rapid dream happens
The sealed lips.
The dark huge ocean
Rests in her soft
Warm, welcoming shore
Open upon his touch,
Murmuring dark waves.
This joy
Is a daily weep,
Inside each other’s arms.
Soft sheets of unknown
Making love,
Tears and kisses
Life redeems.
The orbits of shinning stars
Pulls her closer
In depth of dark
To forget the coming verses
In his overwhelmed silence.
No house is left,
No future death is promised,
Love rushes out
From her blue veins
Covering the earth,
The sky turns red
From the dark rain.
God Looks
at her naked soul,
Pours his love
Out of her body,

The infinite soft
Tender touch,
Ends her
The blue sea.
Everything turns dark within
Before the planted seeds
Push out of the moist soil,
facing the sun.
A full grown rose garden
inside the wind
“I am the dancing tears of God.”
She falls
Like a silver drops of rain
On everything.
Silence grows
Love laughs
the new earth


Serena Devi from next poetrybook ( The hidden lover)