Happy Birthday Serena!

Today is my Earth /Birth day, on a age calendar, I am 55 years old now!

I will publish a long post on my whereabout, experience of Now in Cyprus and currently in Nicosia.

My heart is in such a love affair, path, pilgrimage to The beloved that every moment is full of happening in emptiness, in Serena. And I woke up today in another bnb, in a frequency band, much different than IAm, sensing presence of God within, breathing, some flow of witness, in and out of time and timeless, I am crying of so much love in my human body, heart, it is non stop shiver.

And I feel no one is here, fingers typing, eyes crying, heart loving, body is still on bed, cars outside moving, somewhere not far someone is hammering, sun is shinning and I no longer know anything about myself, yet seems I know everything in momentary observation, like seeing all through divine’s eye.

They are sudden loss of time, shortage in length, 2 hours becoming 20 minutes. Stages that I find myself dressed in street walking, and all I remember, is having a coffee in kitchen.

Then these space within no space, time within no time that I Am seeing all design of creation, every details dot. I rarely meet people or have encounters, but when it happens, in 2 seconds all their life unveils through frequency, color, sound of their voice.

I lived on Earth 55 years and since 6 years old, my entire being longed for God and return to state of complete Oneness, peace and love. There was a memory of that, in my soul, I kept repeating that frequency in my heart by episodes of yearning and prayers, sobbing for days from ache in my heart, uncontrolled writing poetry, whirls, chants, and exhaustion of body in wanting to return to the creator, to formless.

Today, All I Am is here, All God is, is here.

All joy and contentment is in neutral presence, openness of Now, innocent of unborn, into energy, frequency and form.

I am grateful to all I Am.

I am in love with All I am.

I am thankful to I Am.

I wrote these words in 2018, all I ever wished for is to be used as divine will wishes, no matter how the path appears, or make me appear, what it asks for, I know I have to live this love, I have to dissolve in this love.

But I never imagined that God’s love for all creation will feel this way, my chest is broken with spasm of such a love, all soften to be, just to be.

Thank you, thank you.
I see You and your perfection.
I hear your thunder and soft hums.
I feel your caresses and smell scent of your presence.
We came so far together,
This is what I promised to be,
When time comes.
To Stand up, in my wounded body,
As glorified soul.
I accepted to walk as human on earth, to know and understand suffering and pain, duality and polarity.
I know I am part of a prophecy since my body was a small child. I never forgot the bliss of where I came from. I just forgot how precious I Am in your heart of One.
Took me 52 years, to unveil my wings, I am on the edge of our season finale.
I saw everything and everyone, I created, attracted, resisted and longed for…
I became a Master truth walker, an excellent storyteller from beyond.
I thought I am just a tiny nightingale and this journey of mystery and love brought all of our love strength into my human heart, my only desire is to worship, to whirl around your majestic tower.
Today, I know, this is the happening, the purpose of my creation and human dimension.
I Am Seraphim, part of my galactic Blue Ray Soul, the Connector of Milky Way, the frontier of spirit revolution and lover of Divine,
Kneeled on StarGate of Earth, in full power of presence, now and until this body hold and transmute the coding of Earth Unity Design.
Time of Timeless began now.
I came into an extraordinary body, a mirror to all normal humans, with a specific mission and certain soul gifts and abilities, to be initiated in 2008, activated in 2012, and in the final return,( I Am soul tribe ) shall ground the invisible pillars interconnecting higher timelines and dimensions and other Galaxies, in present where Gaia is (2018).
I do not know how the coming months will unfold, I just bought my flight to Vancouver, on a date I was guided to, the funding only offers couple of nights on a bed, the rest is simple, I go deeper into God, into love that pours out of my body, soul and voice.
The Union is breathing and shall move the vessel to next stage, I can not hide or stop my tears of appreciation to all images, connections, the mirror has been so amazingly clear and loving and as a person, I always remember the beauty, joy and also my human suffering.
Today, the soul I Am, crossed a bridge between herself and Divine Self. Something has changed again, there is no image in the mirror.
Peacefully, I surrender to Grace of my heart Beloved and open and activate the Apocalypse gateway (one of the keys).
May I be worthy of such a faith and trust of The Creator of all, to speak and act as agent of truth which is still unknown and unformed to heart of humanities.”

And so be it.

Happy Birthday Serena,

Happy Birthday Beloved.