Blow me a kiss

Such a love, such a mystery heart is. Pondering in my old poetry, smiling to unmeasured beauty inside…

Ah Beloved, Ah beloved, you are here and I Am gone..

I am in love,
touch me
And I melt.
Blow me a kiss
And I disappear.

I am here,
Because of you.
I am the effect
Of your cause.

The chamber of heart,
Width open,
The broken pieces
Of its form,
Confess to their wonder
When the eternal hawk
Made an entrance
And unsealed
The truth.

They only know
One face, one love.
They smile,
In flow of pain
Or joy
No matter what.

The edge of the broken parts,
Still hurts my skin,
Vulnerability arrives
Reminder me of
The existence of my clay.

I long for you
In such a way,
No word, no form
Could tell.

Soul is stretched
All over Here,
To create the space,
For you to appear.
To make love with her,
In silent chamber of heart,
Where there is no veil
To cover the passion,
The burning desire
For embracement
In Sacred intimate way.

I am in such a flames
That I must cry loud,
Don’t keep me away.

Dissolve me
In your love.

Blow me a kiss,
Allow me to disappear
In your light.
Allow me to fall,
In your embrace,
Free of all chains and bonds,
To return
To fountain of all innocence,
Where I belong.

Oh beloved,
Don’t keep me away,
Dissolve me
In love.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada, Toronto