Pilgrimage of Heart – -Unity Gateway 2021

Unity Gateaway 2021

First Part

I promised a personal post around my Birthday, but due to fast movement of body it needed to wait and now seems also a proper time to write about the current of Frequencies and the gift of New Realities in 2021.

December usually is  a passage that we collectively cross but individually will tune in to our Mother Codes and designs, it is becoming stronger and stronger to honor your own knowing, listening to your own octave of creation and allow natural flow of life takes you.

In the Bigger outlook of Divine Will Embodiment on Earth, year 2021 is Super Significant. As Pillars will be grounded to support Earth, Solar System and also Closer connection to our Galaxy, that means January 2021 will begin with a complete new Frequency Template, and as usual Forerunners will be activation pins across the planet. The freedom codes in their heart is already awake and active and now with  collaboration of solar waves, along with Gaia electromagnetic transmutation, their movement and stabilizing on earth becomes even more specific and localizing to take the entire planet into a Gateway of UNITY. The intensity of light and frequency will be felt even more in 2021 as there is no way, purified Souls can be linked to any physical reality lower than their Mother Freedom codes, body has to upgrade and also their physical reality keeps aligning to their Higher frequency and through this natural adjustment  within their LIGHT HOUSE presence, they influence their surrendering, people, land and continue to purify all lower frequencies (shadow, Evil, untrue).

2020 was a year very different  to other recent years for forerunners and some of ascension volunteer souls, alone of travel in soul family set up, they mainly moved in, into deeper embodiment with divine Will and lose of all Human Identity, believes and end of  Ego functional system. In their physical realities they might ended completely Alone, to become fully  ( The Source) ALL One, or within Unit of Masculine/Feminine particles ( man and Woman bodies/design) they moved into more alignment and embodiment as The source/ One.

In 2021, the embodiment of The Source, Divine will comes to its ultimate potential to become a Force of One, through pure heart intention on this time and space on Earth and what this really means is to be more of peace, beauty, freedom. To walk on Earth, as one choose, as one feels, as one desires, with knowing it is your chosen Heaven.

The first waves of Forerunner, already experiencing The Oasis Of love, within them, Divine Presence grow to a Totality of Joy of Now, Presence of One. The NEW Earth Design for 2021 unfolding will bring them into platforms which suddenly they return to the world (knowing it is an Illusion, an impression in forever change of frequency) to BE, THE MANIFSTOR GENERATOR  of Newearth Realties.

The Collective Ascension is an Evolutionary Design within Body of God to bring entire living systems across Galaxies into more advancement, the vision as it appears is more light, more oneness, more crystalized and more of purity state of God.

In this relation, Gaia and Humanity must make many Quantum Jumps to catch up with speed of Universal transformation. And this is one the reasons, we witness a very intense physical reality in 2020, in sense of Pandemic, Imbalance of lands, Dark and light confrontations, physical death in groups, Natural disasters. And it will be a theme for a years to come, the higher we rise as Awaken Frequency of One Love, the physical reality could appear more and more dramatic, as we are bringing life to DREAM of One, the Old Dream is falling, and it will appear to the extreme until the earth and life on earth ( Humans, Animals, plants,..) can arrive to a stable Frequency of The Beginning Of lower Octave of HEAVEN as Untouched, As Pure As Divine Self, and be able to maintain that level to bring it into physical reality.

The swing between points of  death, born, unborn continue in pendulum of Time and Space, until the swing stops in Zero point and that is the beginning of New Earth our chosen Reality, what all Awaken volunteer souls pledged to stand for, to be empty and used as a Vessel for Divine Will, to Manifest UNITY Consciousness reality on Earth. And that is why 2020 brought something powerful like A pandemic / Covid-19 into physical reality to shake up humanity, imagine a ship in a sea, suddenly in storm and all crew members are alert. Some feel fears and some in remembrance of their sailing skills, no one can stop the storm, no one can stop Divine’s Will, when it is in a motion, only Wisdom and soul Mastery could move the ship into calmer water. Earth is our Ship and the storm of god is already in motion, be an skilful sailor, work with each other, even your tasks are individual, trust the remembrance as you would not be recruit on this ship unless you are prepared for everything, even if you are fearful and doubt you can survive the sea, trust You, the Ship and The Sea are One and this is the Theme of 2021.

Humanity has entered the storm season of transformation, there is no going back, we must accelerate, purified and stabilize in heart, allow freedom codes to expand within and move us into One, this is the Embodiment of the Source  and no one can survive this, we all to accept our dissolvement in truth of one, not even bother to say I am the source, as that is another layer of untrue, the Source is. 

God is.

In 2021, the vision of New Earth will land in Physical as a complete Frequency band through forerunners pins across the Earth.

In December 2020, we still in final swing of our own frequencies to let go all Humans, and by 11th January 2021, it feels, forerunners come in alignment within their chosen waves of New Earth Template and their presence will be the Embodiment of  Divine will, in flow of momentary choices and long term localization on Lands. They come to their full  Guardianship of Lands/Countries at the moment  to held the frequency as LIGHT HOUSES, STATION SHIPS,  and keep active connection with Galactic Heart, so those locations be empowered as Gaia shifting her Frequency, in 150 years the entire planet Electromagnetic system has transformed and these new locations will become New Earth Cities of Light, where life flows in timelessness. Where One breathes, we are dreaming our future, dream big, dream beautiful, dream magnificent.

Divine Will Embodiment is Birthing Now, and neither one of us know anything, anymore, what is shared here in momentary access to Vision of Unity, is the timeless infinity to enter the unity gateway, keep choosing your heart, keep choosing love, keep choosing truth walking and keep walking, breathing, loving and then God is,

God is.

Pilgrimage of Heart -Second part

Now a bit about Serena walkabout!

I arrived Cyprus on 1st November, but feels like a lifetime and many crossings between worlds and timelines.

Cyprus is another land that my vessel was sent to work on, to clear the old frequencies and plant Seeds of Creation. For my body the experience is not pleasant, as to clear and purify the land and locations, the body will be plugged into so much heat at one side and the other ( Crystal Heart)  begin to work as a vacuum cleaner and all sort of lower emotions cross my human heart. The last 35 days has been very tiring for body, hard to sleep and a lot of frequencies crossing over through physical body. I relocated 3 times in Larnaca, before a week in a isolated location 20 kms eastern side in a Villa Complex two weeks which finally could sleep and felt like Oasis of Heaven, with not many people and 100 meter from the ocean.

That was a week before my Bday,  felt a huge upgrade in my pineal gland and a sudden jump into a New Frequency Band, everything since has changed, observation, experiencing, perceiving all feels very different, hard to explain. I feel gone and emptiness expanded  and that is why I try to stay away from activities even writing, cause the swing is not easy and the realm I enter feels like a dream that I can not find myself at all, just ocean, just one, and part me wants to just be, just presence, this theme in serena is getting stronger and stronger, but again divine tides bring me out, into writing and sharing, and it might takes few days that I can speak or do things.

So that week, which passed like a moment in Nirvana, took me to Nicosia, another hell of frequencies from 25th November which I stay in a bnb next to a archaeological site. On arrival, I could not sleep at all and between the to bedrooms I was moved to stay in the one next to this site. All through night my root chakra was spinning fast, and heat in my body was non-stop. My physical heart felt like a squeezed ache of longing, I felt the ache of separation from land, walls of city, people. It was huge. My heart became a Magnetic Point for all lower frequencies to come, not much of shadow or evil, unlike Los Angeles and Santa Monica in 2018, this frequency was different.

Sometimes when I am asked what do you do, or why you do not have a home and keep move around, the only thing I can come up is metaphor 😊

The consciousness is food, God is the Chef, Earth is a pot, and forerunners are ingredient to make it tasty, so wherever I am put in, will be alchemical transformation, and not that I do anything, it is just the nature of I am, just the love I feel for the Chef, for making food tasty so whoever eat it, enjoy it.

So, I am moved on Earth and all places I go, whoever I meet which these days become less and less, as the main theme feels like more of inner tuning of my Frequency and then a seeding period on a chosen land.

For example, Cyprus is a divided country, Nicosia is a city with walls, separation and abandonment frequency is very high, they ae stains of blood shed from 1974. I was sent to this city for first time. While I was living in Cyprus 2016-17, I only lived in Larnaca and a couple of weeks in Limassol and never once moved to visit Nicosia.

But this time, when I arrived, after sometime in Larnaca, clearing my own old energy in and out, I was really pushed to go and spend sometime in Nicosia, I booked the bnb for a month, but after the energy was so heavy after the first night that I began to wonder if it will take one month is linear time. When my body enters in a these sort of clearing frequencies, the process is fast, I turned to become a vacuum cleaner than a normal broom 😉 and everything will speed up. So the first two days I could not go out to even visit the locations I was directed to go. I barely could get out of the bed. Was plugged into frequency of land, depression of humans, sadness, grief, loss, fear and supressed anger and the lower masculine.

It took 48 hours, in bed, just breathing, witnessing and seeing through all as it rise. And by seeing it through Serena’s witness Eyes, land starts clearing through her Crystalized heart.  Serena’s human life story  had a lot of recognition with the abandonment of this city, so she had tears falling and more heart opening.

Cyprus is a land hurt at her roots, abandoned and separated at her roots, violated at her roots. The lower Masculine has not be able to meet the feminine in an honourable way, feminine has lost her faith, her love for beauty, abundance, she has dried up. And what happens to a land without a nurturing, care. What happens to a city that is divided by walls and now Turks are living in North and Greeks live in south. What happens when a Heaven on Earth ,where the land of Goddess and God forget love? I was standing on One, crying, crying and aching to core of my being, transmuting light of one, in the solitary room of my heart.

By day 3, I was able to go out, walk in old City, see more, feel more. Serena is well aware none of these are hers, she is an empty vessel chose for truth walking, her presence is her reality, her compassion is touch of god, her tears, are cultivation of lands, the spasm of her heart is the birthing  part, her sleepless nights are seeding period of freedom codes.

She walked east to west of Nicosia wall, feeling the entire city linear time, feeling every human hearts all through history, wondering how many more lands are waiting for meet her feet, to receive the seeds of love, devotion is a greatest treasure to accompany a truthwalker, sometimes roads are too long, and tasks too hard. And she is still walking, in tears, not knowing is it my joy or is it my liberation that I am here, that I am, God walking on Earth.

How possible it is, only a miracle it can be.

And this is how she knows, this is how forerunners know they are Travelers from Beyond this world, it is an intense and unimaginable process of energy and frequency over and over to clear and purify the lands and livings. And it has become harder as the physical Earth is shifting to a higher frequency, body has to process much stronger intensity of lower, imagine instead of vacuuming one room in one week, a house has to vacuumed in a day! So a new purer frequency be maintained.

This is what my vessel has been used for since 2008, but my own understanding only started from 2017, when Ego finally lost her grips.

The work was completed in a week and basically with no sleep and a lot of heat and ache in body, I left Nicosia with seeds of Creation, may it grows freedom for this land and people whom much deserve awakening.

I have returned to that resort, the oasis of love, a piece of heaven for my tired body to stay till end of the year, do some writing which is getting strong as a tune for 2021.

In a more general outlook, I have received clarity of the role of my vessel and Higher Self purpose. For some time I keep sensing a desire to stay in Mediterranean sea. It is clear now, this is the land I have a Guardian ship for. My human heritage is middle eastern, my birth land is Anglo, I was lived in three Continents over the last 35 years, my human is equipped with high flexibility and adaptability to any location, circumstances.

I am also A Consciousness shape shifter, high speed of transformation and carrier of Divine flame, the embodiment of Divine Will which I have no understanding it, but At the same time, I AM FORCE with No compromise for Truth walking.

I was moved behind the veils from the beginning of 2019, mainly silence, working in locations shifting frequencies and be completely alone except few contacts with soul families, no social media, dissolving in fire, disappearing in one.

I detect a new cycle is coming to surface, body wants to go to Turkey and establish this time a non profit Foundation, the One Foundation is the only possible option for All Awaken Souls, we all working through Divine will to Bring the formless Frequency into Form and Physical reality.

We also learn how to dance with each other as pins of love 😊 across the planet, in momentary movements suddenly we jump into Spiral of Manifestation for ourselves, for each other and for all that is coming to life as New Earth.

I am so grateful, exhausted 😊 and grateful.

I am writing a longer version of My Seeing, My experiences, personal as well as General! It feels home, at the same time, for some strange reason, my heart has entered a passage of a deeper journey, like being at home and yet they are so many spaces here that I long to discover, to make love it, to sit, to listen and be touched by beauty of one.

I truly and sincerely feel the blessings of One, showering our planet, waves of love beyond my words reaching shores of my heart, in love of all, in flow of all possibilities.

Please dream as beautiful as possible for your heart

we are in this together,

we are in this forever.

Serena Devi

6/12/ 2020

Mazatos, Larnaca

Photos of Nicosia

2 responses to “Pilgrimage of Heart – -Unity Gateway 2021”

  1. Beloved Maria, we are accelerating fast into NewEarth reality. I know Alone-ness can be overwhelming and moving through layers of consciousness also tiring..it is so good to have you here, far feels so close 🙂 and joy to feel this Unity state, we are flowing through its pure stream. Sent you a whats up msg, but not sure it is active. Sending love Always.🙏

  2. Loved reading your blog dear Serena.
    In the past few days my role as a “Guardian” has become more and more clear too.
    Time traveling and shape shifting for the past 3 years has not been easy for me, and I know it hasn’t always been easy for you either; so I appreciate reading about your experiences / insights as they make me not feel so “alone.”
    I am sending you love, and always supporting you from afar.

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