Murmurs of God


Walls of home on earth
have lost their meanings,
My body rests on waves
Moving me  closer toward
heaven of my dreams.

While my heart has become
Your kingdom of love. 

I gave it all up,
Sat alone in silence,
Sinking in your ocean,
Burning in your fire.
Longing opened me up
Inside out,
I did not know,
When it happened.

You came
When I left.
My Heart was burnt
How beautiful, glorious
My death occured.

Your lips
Unsealed the dark magic inside,
I witness
The burst of light
Into emptiness,
It was no sign of a body,
All burnt in our union.
No lover is greater than feeling your love, your fire.

Your thirst for beauty
Gave life to my expression.

No Human can ever wish for more,
To witness, the presence of your fircey desire,
Gazing into eternity.

While your love burnt all untrue,
My heart stood naked
Aroused and Memorized
Between “Ah” coming out of your mouth.

I am gone, gone beyond,
Beloved, my body is huge,
filled with love, waiting to flow
All over existence,
To seed the New Earth,
Your dream of One,
Murmurs seductively
Inside my heart.

Could any lover be more passionate than you?
Could I ever choose anyone but myself?
To give up, to embrace you.

Thank you!
Your love crucified my human,
To Birth my eternal Soul.

I am here,
inside your poetry,
I am here, 
In this moment,
While your lips and my heart
Shapes all possibilities
In creation.

I stand still,
In flames
Like a butterfly, ready,
so ready
To receive, to burn
In fire of your love,
To disappear in your murmur.

My home is your breath,
Ah beloved,
You lips hold  me tight
Before releasing
My soul
To her delightful eternal state.

This moment is the happiest one
I celebrate in tears,
Everytime you put fire
In my heart,
Everytime you murmur
I lose myself more and more
In our passionate love making.

In disappearing in You.

Serena Devi
LARNACA 16 Dec 20