Oasis of love -repost

My love, watch my lips moving
on wounds of offering
on the ground of your love
as my heart ripen in wine
and my soul burnt in fire of passion,
They say, I long for eternal,
They say, I overcome myself;
I say no more,
see my fire, touch my stone,
see my sky and feel
the beating of my millions stars,
my soul falling in love
like spring rain on open mouths of white lilies.
The true beloved
smiles when my little heart surrenders her loneliness
to dark angels of night and ride away on the horse of desires

to the magical oasis of love.
I lifted up my hands holding faith,

a key to open up the treasures of my life;

travelling with half awake wind,
we crossing time together
beyond silence of trees, rocks and passing ships.
You see my love,
I am a song whirling around your tree of bliss.
your love made me
simply open into a pure gate-like happening.

A woman who wins over life without a sound
shaking her sands and making a bridge; brick by brick

into all hearts, to cross over
the chasm of everything;
my heart breathes on leafs of love, dancing girl

unveils the beauty of each soul, in each song.
Afterward, what that approaches life

is the unsaid and unlived part of the self worth
until the womb can feel the unmeasured joy of being one.

Heaven pouring down into simple signs, shall we

at least be open and receive the heritages of our lives;

no world is real, unless our hearts say so.

you belong to no one

like a quiet sparrow playing her wings into the smile of a new day;

love transforms your tender spasm of worth

into an infinite union with all.

~Serena Devi, Sept 2012