The Calvery road of heart

How an unlimited soul could be measured by a conditional body? How a limitless universe could be discribed by science scale?

How the game of creation and evolution could be fit in calculator of mind? How?

How words could ever paint, give perspective, bring understanding of what this phenomenon, timeless presence is?

 How life could be ever described? While all we know and learnt as human show us so little of what really is? What God is.

So we weaves stories, we look at a split line called time, we see a world in front of us, so can be captured by pair of eyes. A

h this is our deepest yearning, deepest joy to see through all layers, this seeing is our oneness with creator of all. This is our home that we are returning in all of our human senses to become even something even more magnificent, we are falling into emptiness of love of the Creator.

And our favourite story is Collective Consciousness, it is the realization of ONE in ALL, and All in One. And no longer words, no longer measures, scales, timelines, it is the expansion never experienced in our story line as Humans, as Earth, it is the first time, the collective Consciousness as  evolved enough to Hold such a sacredness, this is the first time, we truly speechless in the waves of formless, birthing in form. We are seeing… our being is the Eyes of One. Our Heart is the home of One.

This is love, this is truth.

We can fill all passages with prediction of year 2021, with words to speak of the frequency existence of all of us, while this us again only has a momentary meaning, passing through our human eyes, to reflect the truth.

For me, this is when I kneel on ground of love, humbled, with ache beyond words in my heart, of what rise like a storm of fire from centre of heart. This ache is my home, inside God, returning to beauty, mystery undiscovered in every gaze exchanged with the sunset, with ocean, with birds, with everyone I have met on pilgrim of love, our collective desire and passion to return, to feel the no ending of life that we are.

And yet, what fuels each breath, each step towards within, is total surrendering to divine will, softening, loving, opening to just be, just be and then all perceived realities shift, rearrange, reborn, renamed.

It used to be an spark of enlightenment now and then, through human stories, one monk here and one guru there. It was fasting in caves and sacrifice of flesh, until a man embodied God as his blood shed on land of many pilgrimages. it was blood of Yeshua, Jesus crucified of the year of A.D 30, in story of True love, one of our favourite ones to bring a wave so strong in heart of humanity, so what is divided become whole, what is broken, be mend, what is death, become alive.

In that time, this love story, the sacrifice of the innocent, was collective/ human initiation  to form a wave of consciousness and that so far brought our human storyline to this time and space within ourselves and created world. The Calvary road of our human heart began there and then from blood of truth, from mystery of love, a collective ache birthed, in does not matter how we read the story, we are all shaped from that moment within the heart of God to flow in time, to carry the seeds of a new consciousness, for time will come that this love  becomes  an unstoppable wave and force which takes the earth and livings to a new complete storyline, NewEarth.

From skulls of old, a prophecy shall rise. From depth of God’s heart, the most sacred intention born into form.

We Are the deliverance, the time is Now, the space is Earth, the seers of love are here.

We are the truthwalkers of our Galaxy, the time guardians of divine dream, the vision holders from beyond, and this passage into timeless is moving the planet into more fertile state, we want this, our human bones are crying for this, to be broken, to be free, to let the fluid unity flows and waves of joy take all of us, home. Ah, our home in God.

New Earth is the physical  Embodiment of Freedom. It is a dream of Unity Movement, from unborn state to born, by every intention, every breath, moment by moment, returning to timeless.

 It is not a design to replace one dream with another. Truth is all there is. Our knowing of our Stars inheritance, cycles, Galactic dimensions, solar waves, Gaia frequency upgrade, and our Human DNA replacement and expansions,  all are part of One Flow. Pure Consciousness, Embodiment of Truth.

Collectively we dream this, it is a desire and yet not a human desire, dream of Unity is the holy One desire, pure state of being,  free of prejudices, projections and mental conditions. Over the centuries, Human communities shaped our current State of Human Civilization, from Sumerian to Egyptian, From Native Americans to Incas,  the wars, dictatorships, dark governments, worldwide injustice and cover up of truth,   clearly reflects the disharmony and separation effected our roots on this planet, ego infection,  a diseases between particulars/our human system, has brought Earth to this moment.

All dreams, stories, relative truth we perceived and accepted as outer world, all through our physical creation has been a signpost of our individual soul and her inner journey toward unity, toward the centre of universe within. It is in this movement between manifested/form and unborn/formless we evolve and experience and witness the rise of perspective into neutrality, into natural flow of life.

Now in the current them of this chapter of stories, many crossing through remembrance, finding their own signposts along the many PATHS of awakening to what it is.

Unless, we individually and collectively loss our personhood, country-hood, religion-hood, star-hood unless all we ever lived, believed, acted on completely dissolves in totality of life, until we become empty, New Earth manifestation stays in words, hearts desires, stays in stories we tap in and out to remember.  

To perceive Universe, and chapter of Heaven on Earth, to Experience it fully in physical, , we require to individually as awaken point, look within, fully let go of all unreal, illusional physical realities (outer world), to arrive in pure perfection Now, on observation deck of Soul.  

That which is The Source, Freedom, presence of Holy.

It is unborn that held everything and our return after lifetimes, cycles and recycles of frequencies, forms, human emotions, finally at this time and space, has brought an increase in  frequencies,  into our experience, never happened before. This is a signature code, activated within Divine Source, in our human timeline, intensity has building up, between opposites, one side, separation, duality, polarity  and the other, desire for peace, oneness, wholeness, freedom. Began gradually  and now forcefully  moved humanity to look deeper within, to go to the cave of heart and listen, become bare, stripped off from all knowing, material possessions, identity,  adjustment  everything to zero state of neutrality,  to be owner of our own space, to be emptiness, is to be activated by love of Divine, to reset in neutral state and natural flow.

 In this activation, consciousness is playing- exposing all untrue parts, to integrate All in form and physical. Our Universe as one organism experiencing the same transcendental process.

Ascension in every moment opens possibilities for each particular/human to make a quantum jump in this flow and stream, all through heart, the gateway between which is perceived born and which perceived as the Source, and in this back and forth, we drop our personhood, become the house of emptiness,  to be filled by nature of life, to be love.

 Love is the manifestation of the absolute Truth, the light of Truth lightens our human veins. We shine with the light and presence of the Supreme one.

This is dream of Unity, the landscape of New Earth, the seeding ground for Now, flowing into Future of this planet. We have arrived;  One Organism, Birthing from One Heart.

Purified, crystalized in love, devotion and surrendering, to be Eternal. Our self -knowing and wisdom serves our movement into this embodiment, the Timeless Presence of One.

2021 is the First Master key of Collective Consciousness anchored through embodiment on earth, never before, so many souls chose this story, this dream, this moment, to witness this love, to be Yeshua embodiment, the body of love.

I am a storyteller from beyond, circling around the one I love the most.

The love and vision is woven in my heart,

I am the bleeding heart of this love, the eternal passion to burn in God’s flame. To rise from my own dark and be light of him.

I am the story, the storyteller, the listener.

Alone, all one, on a calvary road, bare and burnt.

With a heart filled every moment with all ache and joy in the world, of beauty of being loved by God. So much ache, so much love, to be free and know what it means, to disappear in this love.

Our New Earth is this disappearance, the happening, beyond believes, beyond knowing…

Written by God, for us to choose seeing it.

Pure Joy of seeing…Only you, Only I am, Only God exist.

Serena Devi/ Larnaca 2020