Unity Matrix – Divine Light Organization

Unity Matrix – Divine Light Organization

January 2021 began with absolute new design, Carrying an underlaying of a new frequency design for New Earth and awaken soul communities in alignment with One Foundation, Oneness of All, Embodiment of the Source in time and space.

In  our perceived reality as outer world, two different events is taking place. One is personal, Witness state and individual movement of awaken souls on earth, daily happening, unfolding of vibration and transformation across the earth shows a birth of a completely new order and flow in divine design for each human upgrade from 5 sensory to multidimensional existence, align to their chosen perspective, believes, and frequency spectrum.

and the other one, is support of Collective Consciousness in quantum jumps between timelines, in constant change in possibilities between formless and form. In 2020, a lot of happenings, made us ready to witness  the birth of Unity Matrix which is not just unveil the NEW EARTH templates through Frequency codes but also moves us collectively into Creation phase of Divine light organization.

Human journey is a rise of consciousness within, observation and acknowledgement of One, as one unit of Life, in game of duality and polarity, play and players, recognition of One clear Screen and a projector and the director behind the scene( The Source of All).  

Within Golden age of Earth, the movie has been upgraded to many screens ( Dimensional and timelines), dark and light, Individual and collective. It also have different levels ( Frequency bands), have players/ roles at different level until full mastery of energy band.

Every level of Divine Organization shapes through frequency bands and it keeps purifying and perfecting. The template is a light design that the final appearance is not solid, it is floating in timeless, forever evolving Consciousness, and that is why it is impossible to offer any structure understandable to mind, it is moving through hearts forces and only in present its movement could be detectable.  

Highest consciousness/ unity matrix currently restructuring our human communities in a smaller scale. Creating Spirals of geometry energy stabilizer infused by pure light/devotion to work with Gaia electromagnetic field, clear lands for seeding of New Earth consciousness, also connecting Earth keepers guardians, locally and globally, all linked to One Magnetic FREQUENCY HOLDER ( Mothership) for that country(s), locations and even continents, to support the rise of Collective Heart Frequency into New Earth Energy band.

No one in awaken process know how all these works, in our own observation and flow within, we recognise small part of the design and patterns of happening which are rooted in the new frequency in our body * Heaven on Earth*. and as it keeps getting faster and stronger.

2021, is a focus year into Frequency band and desired realties.   We are moved as pins/pillars of light (LIGHT HOUSES), transmitter of the source ( FREQUENCY HOLDERS, activators AND illuminators) connectors between layers ( initiators and Gaia supports) to bring the Divine organization as a Unity Matrix into physical reality, this is a movement of Spirit into form, never been witness before at this huge scale, humanity is ready for God’Download now and all Mother ships will move into Power Locations, so the layers of Celestial, Galactic, Human ( Divine Self) comes to full alignment individually as well as collectively, To Birth the ONE FOUNDATION.

For Masterbuilders,  which are the Frequency holder of Vision of Unity, completed New Earth Template circuit sequences within Unity Matrix, their soul purpose is to manifest and deliver the Highest Form of  “One Foundation “in physical reality of New Earth. It could manifest in the form of lands, houses, spaces that more than one gathers for anchoring of Heaven’s frequency, activation of open hearts and linking to divine will and soul purpose.

MasterBuilders, are birthed through Central God as Ministers from Divine Ministry of light to receive Codes of Divine Organization re- structure of Human Civilizations in Aquarius Age of awakening.  That means their vessel carry  the Master key(s) of Creation codes,  to activate and initiate open hearts and bring them into alignment to their own soul purpose and the their role and position  within Unity Matrix geometry design.

Most masterbuilder waves came to full activation in 2018 and 2019, their vessels still needed to move deeper into purification of hearts and intentions, so they had some back and forth, relocations and regroups since to get ready and come to one United WAVE, carrying the exact Codes of Restructure of Human Civilizations and Anchoring of Zero Neutral Spaces/ Light Houses across Earth.

In the witness state, we all recognised that our Crystallized heart and Light Bodies are the embodiment of The Source in this physical reality and wherever on earth, we are positioned, our body opens a portals to not just higher dimensions, for Grid work, gatekeeping and stabilizing the highest frequency, but we also become activated in  alignment with Electromagnetic Field of Earth, to stand as new Power Points on Earth, to maintain the frequency of HEAVEN ON EARTH, so our surrendering comes fully in alignment to perceive the New Earth reality.

It took a while to connect all dots and adjust my perception to see what is really taking place in collective ascension in regards in localization of Divine Light Organization and how every template comes into collective experience along with our personal raise of frequency to form Higher Unity Matrix in present and its continues to clarify, purify and stabilizes in form ( manifestation).

What is really Unity Matrix? Earth is on a strong creative wave which is in support of her planetary evolution within our universe. The climate changes and events are manifestation and display of her raise in frequency to continue her alignment in life system.

As over centuries (past/history timelines )humanity gradually stepped away from natural flow of life system  and neutral vibrational state of presence of One by developing collective  illusion of power, ego, superiority over other forms of existence, control and abuse of natural eventually  harm to soul of Earth/ Gaia, the  life imbalance has become the cause of an effect, which within God Centre appears as  a new design and cycle ( Awakening /Collective Ascension/NewEarth) to use open and empty human vessels as a Light Portals to bring the Higher Frequency of Divine Pure Presence into physical reality and shape a force to support Evolution of life  along with Gaia, transformation and transcendent of life system of Livings on Earth to  bring this  extreme swing of imbalance in form of human diseases, violence, war,… into neutralization and preparation for a new consciousness seeding in form of UNITY MATRIX.

It is through the inner transformation and alchemy that each soul enters into Unity Matrix, however  without pure intention and complete surrendering to Divine Will, this entry will not stabilized, and keep repeat in loops of repeated lower timelines until an individual soul or a group band of souls ( Similar soul design) move through the cycle and reach to a new level of their soul design.

 Allowing all stories and believes dissolve in presence frequency is the only way forward in awakening program, and the souls which due to lack of full purification in heart still duel in lower frequency bands, will experience ego l plays in their experienced reality in form of light and dark, masculine and feminine, choosing this and that, even in form of light communities and activities. While the souls crossed to higher frequency, are completely stabilized in zero centre, neutralised God state of presence, their domain is Present, their being is emptiness, their state is a Pure Awareness.

In 2021, Unity Matrix has the potential to become fully active and that means Collective Consciousness is purified enough to reform Human Civilization and disable Dark Governments, so the flow of pure abundance becomes effortless for many light workers. To stand on their assigned lands and locations and allow DIVINE WILL  shapes their togetherness as a communities of light Houses or as an individual Mother Ship, to link the Network of NewEarth Frequency across Gaia.

The Energy of January 2021 works different for each soul, for some slowing down into a one frequency band and reality and for others might be a fast accelerating quantum jumps, follow by faster reality and timelines changes. For some brings stillness in mother soul and full acceptance as Divine embodiment and for others initiate physical activities and collective collaboration.

This year is the self recognition of Divine Embodiment and a full surrendering to Divine Will, to become the Force of One. Along to our collectives transformation, divine laws of One will come stronger into our perceived reality and experiencing magic and synchronicity will be a way of life.

Perceiving inner heart becomes the full power of creation and manifestation as divine embodiment of truth.  This cannot be explained, measured or learnt, this is the mystery of a bud opening up every second and becomes a beautiful rose with a fragrance unknown till smelled in a moment, and become real.

Divine Will is as effortless as a breath, as powerful as Tsunami, as silent as the moon and as loving as morning sun. Divine Will is the dominating theme of 2021/22. However, how that is perceived is the game of duality and polarity as we moved faster into shedding of untrue, extremes events will follow, as we currently witness a drama in United State by puppets of dark governments, the contrast between opposites will increase as the nature of life also carries death within, it is avoidable to experience a Jump into Consciousness and not see the cycle of nature follows sequences and orders.

Unity Matrix is Neutralised Geometric God System, the higher the frequency raise, the clearer the events from  2021/2027 will shape, this is the end of Collective Ego Cover up. No soul can eject, can delay, can go faster of slower, all must be seen, all must be felt, all must be accepted, all must neutralized.

Fasten the seat belt, unknown is taking over and if your heart is free, we will love every second of being part of it and if there is a sense of self, fear, attachment, control, then  it will be the dark night of soul.

Unity Matrix is the embodiment of the promised Prophecy.  The Judgment day, the return of Christ, The unified Galaxies, heaven on earth pick your story, pick your perception.

Pick loving!

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