I am awake always

The songs of waves

Unwrap my soul, leave me with ache of loving all.

The hunting beauty of unknown

Brings me closer to ecstasy and joy

unwritten poems in throat of time.

Ah, beloved

Let me rest in gaze of stars, intimate with floating clouds,

 racing birds, bid me farewell

passing through dream of life.

I am far away from the world,

My valley is floated with ocean of silence,

My road filled with trees of emptiness,

And my heart ripens, in surrendering prayers to your smile.

Ascending into galaxies, into whiteness of your embrace.

I say no more, not to disturb the air between us

With chanting of my longing poems.

Hear my heart,

The forever song of love

Bending the branches of my dreams

For united doves and my two hands.

I am awake always

In morning rays

And glittering stars.

I am awake always,

In wordless songs of creation.

In your fingertips of loving vibration,

I surf the eternal dream of oneness.

I dared to sing my love for you

In many poems,

What else could ever be close

To voice the song of God?

I am awake always

In repeated hums,

Between your lips


 mystery of now.

Serena Devi

Cyprus/ Larnaca 15/01/2021