January 2021, Ascent One Equal Ship

Can you hear it? Can you sense the vibration of God’s wilderness in your heart?
I am the lover’s gift, the memory of New Earth, birthing through tube of time.
I am the last gift of Human program, the story of light and dark, polarity and duality,
the living to the dead of Ego and division,
to Birth the first Harmonious Universal Song of One, into purified manifestation of New Earth,
ascent One, Mother Space Ship of collective consciousness.
2021 is the last page of a book written in time and space, the year that our collective perception from physical dimension fully be shifted to formless and ultimately all potentials and possibilities for New Earth.
January began as a shock in cycle of consciousness within stillness. Like a caterpillar woken up in a cocoon and not sure how she got there, not able to move, not able to understand, it is a life never experienced before.
The seeding of the new finally ended and now 2021 the foundation of One is ready vibrationally to be heard by the ones are free and align to receive the song of God’s love in their hearts, to move actively as the Originals, and this is how the NEW EARTH templates will be transmitted from formless into physical manifestation, from mind of dreamer to heart of lover(s). This is God in her absolute magnificent beauty and serenity coming into form, the beginning of peace and tranquillity, a reform in Human civilization after eras of injust, violence and division, the one foundation, one space ship has landed as a mother frequency on the planet Earth.
The Dream of Unity, unconditional love, acceptance of All is Here, in final count downs of Time, in white pages of 2021, ready to be written by pens of Light through many awaken Souls and Devoted light bearers on Earth to Serve Awakening, Ascent One has plugged and the cocoon of January is making the primary particular ready to form the next stage of Gathering of Light Tribes on Earth.
The Corona program will be disabled by Spring 2021 and the shock of New by that time has served its purpose, stirred hearts will be ready for their seeding and a power powerful cycle is in a place to continue the support of collective consciousness in rise of frequency between dimensional realties. Forerunners in 2021 will be stationed with specific roles and tasks within God Centre Mind as well as Earth localization to continue keeping the New Earth Template energized by Purified plasma Central Sun.
January and February 2021 will be ray by ray, drop by drop transfusion of Light/Blood of God into physical reality to determine the collective movements all through 2021. Truth will be seen and heard beyond duality, we will meet the God who creates and ruins with the same intensity and will power.
The Bridge of time between 2021 till 2027 is the seeding of reformed Human Civilization, in this period everything we knew and taught over centuries will change and truth will be revealed fully for the ones whom have eyes to see and hear it as voice of Central God.
From 2021 onwards without any doubt, our collective frequency will dominate the purest reality possible for all to witness and experience through harmonious heart frequencies.
Our light shines upon the earth as a sacred guardian-ship(s) to guide and protect the New Earth Templates as each awaken soul will be placed in the web of light of New Earth to be an activator of the creation codes, while forerunners are moved to a higher frequency Stations, some continue to stay on Earth with their bodies/Vessels and some will leave the physical dimension and return behind the veil as their service concluded in time and space realities.
By coming to physical, Ascent One Space ship begins the boarding process as the old vibration leaves the earth, many transformations and changes will happen across the globe. And as expected America will enter a purification process at many levels and many light workers assigned for that region will require full flexibility at all levels to transmute, stabilize and activate freedom codes while the rest of America will face death and ending of Ego program, true awaken souls and light bearers will perceive, birth the new Babylon, the glory of old Egypt will return to Earth, the greatness of Equal ship, unity and wisdom of star walkers.
We were here from the moment of the beginning, here we are still.
In power of One, we shall experience the Heaven on Earth, for us to experience our divinity
and live free of all bondages and limitations.