Master Builders /Weavers of the New Earth – 2021

Master Builders /Weavers of the New Earth – 2021 Master piece of Global  Light Houses

This post is combination of personal and collective experience and reflection.

The last few months, since September 2020 new Stargates are in place above the Sphere of Earth and Collective consciousness is in a constant raise in spiral of  frequencies and reshape in physical realities and different timelines.

Our current reality in time and space, entry into the age of Aquarius is  the beginning phase of consciousness in purification of essence ( Souls)  to bring  completion in harmonious songs of Omnipresent in universe(s).

 On our physical Earth this appears as awakening which within each soul, (all) frequency bands of Omnipresent will be activated and like a pendulum will move between two points ( form and formless) to arrive at zero point which is a full embodiment of Divine will in physical ( Human Vessel). We have been through many circuits of consciousness upgrade and rebirth to end polarity and duality concepts and perceptions. To arrive collectively at neutralized level of free mind and Seeing Heart( Divine Self)  into timeless existence, in body of One.

From Sept/ Oct 2020, some of forerunners began moving fast through a series of cycles and loops to complete end of human believes and behavioural patterns, return to the Mothership One, The Absolute. They are repositioned within  the womb of creation in full potent Emptiness, where all possibilities breathe in womb of formless and flow effortlessly in Now and Here experience.

The realm of higher dimensions and frequency energy bands follows law of one which makes the higher consciousness, ruler of lower domain and therefore beings that are fully arrive into empty state, The Dreamer aspect of God works through them, to bring the blueprint and frequency template of New Earth into manifestation, they are recognised  as the  Master Builders and Weavers of New Earth Energy Templates through their consciousness.

Their collective seeing becomes Earth physical reality.

Their words manifests instantly when in alignment.  

Their physical body has the ability to contain a very  high octave of Light frequency and also stand as an pilar/ anchor and connector Earth( Geographic locations ) and Divine Will ( Pure realms), between born and unborn. They are linked to Mother Ship as First Captains and Navigators  (Vision holders, reality weaver)of Humanity into Now Earth, perceived reality as Future Earth.

Through their heart centres, soul signature ( Light of Soul) a creation song, keep repeating, Vision and heart  communication with the Creator God which weaves  new frequency patterns a plasma veil/gate between two worlds, like  a Geometric Key of frequency that  embodies Womb of Creation within their being to Birth the New Earth Web of Light, in sequences repeatedly echoes from their hearts,(love of One), in this Unification process, as full recognition of the Macro/Micro whole- restoring the divine order of consciousness flow raise and unfolds.

January 2021 was a long phase in cocoon for their new frequency upgrade and inner work of the observant in them, to completely purifies  and energies the vision of Unity.

February 2021 will another month in transition for these waves harmonious  into their musical tones of creation. Many of them will begin to receive divine impulse on how these templates now can arrive to physical dimension. Their human body now is fully Divine Chip activated and through impulses and knowing that speaks through human cells and soul data, will choose tools and methods to create a tangible plans for their own happening part in shaping the New Earth Blue print template. As they are the creation code releasers, their relocations From March  begins to certain geographic locations, this time with a Mother Frequency to attract and create whatever is required to create Light Houses in form of land, a resident, local communities, light ascension teachings, light taverns. Between March 2021 till end of June 2021  relocations are important and are part of collective New Earth  future vision and perceived physical realities. Trusting inner voice against all odds and mind solutions will be tested. Following heart and passion to serve Unity of All is the key to magical experiences of Presence.

Move from the authority of Heart.

Light beings movements on physical earth can perceive the New Earth energetic reality as Divine Will indicates. Their body continues to be fully illuminated by light, Data and visions.

Some Mother consciousness beings, centralized as Mother Data Chip, linked to a land/country/latitude for the rest of their physical reality, as their heart now is a Generator/Manifester of New Earth physical realities. They are the emptiness of creation, so divine will works through them as a Manifstor MAGNET and direct all components of New Earth Template into a holographic pattern, prepared to be delivered in time and space.

This illumination, in combination with emptiness of personal/human data, allows more of divine will embodies in their vessel and by end of 2021/22 these beings will be in state of Full PRESENCE of One, positioned like pins across Global for the next stage of rebirth of New Earth Civilization, which due to its energy link with purification of collective consciousness, hard to recognise its timeline at the moment.

2021 will bring merge and collaboration between many awakens and light beings, in result of collective unification, part of our  human abilities, talents, missions, will return to our empty vessel to materialise as our  divine work/ service/ expression  at highest octave of light, that means transformation and transition will speed up between dimensions and perceived reality.

For example if in your human walk, you recognised a gifts like trades, writing, crafting, mathematics, teaching and so on, and over the last few years you were completely in silence and stillness, with no doing or a little activities, by end of 2021, you will be surprised by the flow of effortless desires to do things, but all these rise from heart and your inner witness show you how all your doings are linked to grand design/ Holographic New Earth Light web. It is time to stop fully thinking of your work and service and dance with songs of heart, like an aimless sparrow, let sunshine and wind and mystery of the moment makes you sing. Present becomes the only space to experience oneness.

Now is threshold of all happenings.

The song of One is rising to a higher state and this means every human cell, Soul Cells will need to be upgraded and enter into  body of One and available to be used by Divine Will, law of One.

Timelines and physical realities changes in a faster sequences, detachment is the key to allow divine will orchestrate all comes and goes, until the most purified timelines shapes and physical manifestation follows,  when frequency  hold that level and stabilize, then that local part of pattern/ New Earth template has birthed and ready to be source out the light to its surrendering. This is how our light houses, communities will reshape and come together.

All signs, symbols, energy patterns, storylines, timelines, all are taking place within Omnipresent, timeless one. The purpose of evolution is not to seek unity with outer world as that is only the reflection, all livings are forever life within Body of One. True Self is the embracement of present, without a veil. New Earth already exists, to be perceived collectively is the awakening as an inner reality and by law of one and nature of life will be delivered into physical reality.

As above, so below,

As within, so without.

For some time, a new website has been birthing within heart and even though it is only a platform, it appears 2021 will brings the required construction to bring it to physical.

So please watch the space, as Ascension related, New Earth & Civilizations posts will be carried forward from there and only poetry and general writing will be shared from my personal blog.

In this companionship and togetherness, my heart has been greatly loved and humbled by each soul presence.

Serena Devi

28th Janaury 2021/ Cyprus Mazotos

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