New Earth 2021 Update

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This is the last post on Collective Ascension and New Earth Frequency.

The entry point of Heaven on Earth is neutrality and zero point. When all creation is seen by Eyes of One, the sameness of life brings this complex geometry design into perspective.

The frequencies and waves of higher consciousness are already here. Every awaken vessel/ human body when reached to certain level of vibrational reality that is beyond 5 sensory/ 3 dimension existence, will enter the matrix of New Earth and spontaneously will be directed/guided by divine impulses and insight as an active part of New Earth blueprint and template which operates in timeless sphere of life geometry design and as humanity moves higher within spiral of unity consciousness, the Awaken human vessels, collectively and naturally come to collaboration with Earth Magnetic fields to create power points, locations and lands on Earth that are fertile to receive Seeds of Creation. It is Through the seeding ( Open Heart Centre) that Divine will embodies in physical, into manifestation of New Earth and reform of Human Civilization.  

January 2021 brought a complete new divine program, which along with Covid-19 created a Cocoon period for Forerunners, especially Master builders that are the Architect of New Vibrational New Earth reality ( Unity Matrix), this deeper metamorphosis is a leading perspective of Unity in Heart that through 2021/22 will completely stabilize the frequency of Heave on Earth in the most harmonious process.

In physical reality, this harmonious ways of divine design to reform Human Civilization as a Unified Consciousness( Awake Avatars) will take time and might appear as chaos, war,  disease ( Covid-19), Earthquakes, political and financial struggles. Perception is the key to walk as a free agent of light, human perspective has to be dissolved in Neutral Gaze of One.

Everything is here, in present moment. The entry point of power of Creation, the zero point,  is this moment, a bridge between formless and form, unmanifested and manifest.  

For an architect, reading a map and blueprint of a house design is easy, for an unskilled person, this takes a lot of time, mistakes and correction in perspective, guidance of expert, to finally see the entire template and understand the components, lines, forms, and their connectivity and still in process of building a house, the template will develop, between the components, idea, blueprint, materials, builders and the Architect.

March 2021 is about trusting the inner map and blueprint of individual soul as well as group souls. From this month onward, inner alignment with divine will must be fully merged and shape the physical activities, if it is soul’s blueprint, otherwise stillness and stay at pause.

In either way, maintaining the witness position is the key. Everything from this point on for forerunner has to unfold effortless, peacefully and abundantly.

The frequency birth of New Earth is completed. The blood transfusion of old frequencies into new ones will be completed  in coming months, as now forerunners can move out from their isolations, and cocoon period, to be available as the Central Point, on specific land and location, alone or pair or with a small group of 3/4 Human vessels. These lands already prepared by same frequency holders and groups before, for the seeding time of Creation Codes.

In 2021, awaken souls will come together as a harmonies notes of One symphony. They form   high vibrational groups, ascension and frequency educational organizations, while some of forerunners  continue their work with higher waves of consciousness to stabilize the Unity Matrix across the globe, which still be involve travel/ way showing and  broadcast to collective .

Along with other waves of Divine Will, masterbuilders  will be placed in certain lands and location to finalize their prior gatekeeping in that region and now/2021 is time to physically be the anchor   for the embodiment of Divine Organization/  One Foundation.

The manifestation phase of New Earth neutral Stations of light  which can be perceived as residential Lighthouses,  Ascension educational Institute (different from Earth Healing and spiritual Schools)  is a Phase one of Divine Template in New Earth reality. That means power points of higher light frequencies across the planet, difference countries and regions with presence of a Mother Ship consciousness/ high frequency Mother Soul to build and maintain the Net of Frequency while some form of codes exchange take place.

In coming months, we require to conduct all Human affairs from a witness state, allow divine will brings harmonious synchronicity through alignment from heart. Our human logic has no play in game of Collective Ascension, except support daily human tasks and gathering data and preparation prior timeline entry and manifestation.

2021 is a year that Masters of frequency become Abundance Generator to source New Earth projects as Divine Organization integrate and shape physical templates, maintain Divine Unified Perception and Heart Centre allow the effortless movement between formless reality and physical one.

The Foundation of One already exists, as heaven on earth exists. The game of perceptions was an entry level to 5th Dimension and now, as more humans choose awakening, as a collective Creator, our abilities to be an  empty vessel and available to higher frequency and embodiment of Divine will increases.

From March till September 2021, is a fast physical reform and upgrade, require flexibility, detachment to all outcomes, extra alone time for holding inner balance and direct communication with the source, the captains will meet their earth crew  and will be a fast and huge energy initiation, transfer of creation codes with lands and human avatars.

It is vital to practice discernment of heart alignment above all mind and human preferences. Fear and judgment has no play in New Earth Reality, all choices are rooted in heart integrity and divine self authority. Nothing can stay as human default setting, even physical state, outlook, abilities all in process on upgrade as our human avatar becomes more fuelled  by higher frequency, we no longer can move out inner alignment with the source, any untrue part that surface and take us out of harmonious flow as life, requires full attention, observation and dissolvement.

2021 is year of Divine Mastery through Heart Creation, maintaining the Vision of New Earth and holding the Unity Frequency in heart, along with rise of Earth frequency will bring more of Galactic Energy Resources into Orbit of Earth to assist the frequency stabilization of New Earth Reality.

We hope in coming months design some graphic outlet of New Earth potential, just a visual sketch to reflect the connectivity of all parts of one foundation.  

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