It began in timeless,
mystery of consciousness
behind the veil of time.

The anonymous  lover endured the journey on a visible path,
waltzed between sky and earth
melted in foams of
ocean love.

The ocean was vast,
Eager to reach above horizons.
Seashells revealed the unsaid stories
Of how morning tides unlock
The song of nightingale
While her heart
jumps courageously between gaps
From Pond to pond,
branch to branch.

The seen road has disappeared,
the lover is gone 
to far beyond.

Ascension is a bizarre crossroad where  one arrives,
And the other depart.
All skywalkers are trained to
Chant and Whirl around the beautiful stargate of Elyria.

Feet on earth and head in stars
their heart spinning in and out
like a shimmering sun.

All guardians of time are playing
In symphony of One!
Hurry, hurry
Jump into music of Now!
The veils  are gone.
All lovers are awake now!

5 March 2021