He Comes!

This morning

From a distance, a small star

Called out all mountains of the earth,

to move aside.

Ocean always return to the shore,

the golden milk of paradise

pours into emptiness of earth veins.

Vast infinity of surrendering

Intimate stillness in embrace of  God.

 Ah, the invisible circle, love, playing her lyrics.

A tender presence of a line

Soften between emptiness and her song.

Heart longs to fell into the circle of love.

As all mountains of the earth moved willingly aside

Their longing shapes the crystalline frame

 around emptiness

while longing beats the drum and hums.

Come, come,

the ocean of beauty, the source of joy,

O lord of love, come.

We are awake now,

United like night and day, sun and moon,

Completed like a not written poem.

The pilgrimage is breathing,

Eternal longing carved on patient limestones

Images of angels with wings, wizards with wands.

In far away forests, close to horizons of paradise,

We grow  limitless Hope trees.

The voice of wild ducks

Echoes our thirsts

For unity

Over the alchemy lake of timelessness.

Come to  illumination feast,

As the dreamer keepers birthing

the New World,

the celestial warriors

pale white hair rays of seraphs

fly into charm of this spring

carry the freedom codes

in dance over the ocean of infinity

seeding the New Earth  Civilization.

Near, so near

The sound of water flow,

the river of golden milk

The nectar,

 the juice of awakening

Inhabitant of freedom and grace.


 how could a heart hold such a knowing!

For whom is this life?

The eagerness of mountains

approaching my silence.

I am destroyed,

Wake up, wake up

He comes, He comes.

I am destroyed,

In the circle of love.

From a distance, a small star

Called out all mountains of the earth,

to move aside.

He comes, he comes.

Serena Devi

Istanbul March 2021