2021 Crystalling Civilization

Since January 2021 we have been through many mini cycles and recycle loops of old and new paradigm, physical realities, with partial stillness period  in cocoon of new frequencies, to stabilize and  integrate the neutral point of focus which is living from the heart centre and a silent mind.  

As each avatar experience and allow soul transformation in alignment with original  soul codes, their evolutionary path  internally and externally shapes.

It is vital to understand, if we imagine Divine has a physical body, entire physical plane shapes the inner organs, cells, blood, plasma and so on. We also require to understand our human perception never can contain the limitless Creator power, intelligence even what is shared here is a weak echo of a huge orchestrated symphony. The purpose is to remove mind limited perceived reality, freedom of  thoughts,  any attachment to a belief, righteousness view on any part of our collective journey as Consciousness, awareness. Just be a point of awareness in present. Allow natural movement of life.

 Until we truly be free from mind, we still use some sort of measurement, words, maps or templates in momentary set up as a collaborator system, so part of divine vision appears and then again disappear in oceans of frequencies and infinite transformational cycle. This is actually named through history of man- kind, Enlightenment, however, after 2012, we passed this level of pure Awareness and further abilities of Monad are accessible and as collective consciousness, by witnessing our avator experience, in neutral and zero state, we learn to participate with pure intention in game of co – creation and manifest more and more of new earth frequency design, until all timeless component are ready to be delivered into physical reality, and form our new civilization.  Awake Avatars/Starseeds communities, Ministers of Light, Sky walkers, Galactic Wizards, Master builders. These are awake cells of Monad God, currently in restructure of Human DNA design, into Crystalline Heart Avatar.

 Each group cells currently upgrades according to their original soul codes, at human level, many comes and goes within light communities, or many Mother Board Avatars walking Alone, solo across different points/ locations to bring connectivity in web of light and anchor as a pure Divine Highest Pillar of Frequency  ( between land and higher dimensions). These geography points, through avatars, crystalline heart create a timeless bridge between dimensions and physical planes, with a very high magnetic field which is humourizing with Earth magnetic field. All these templates are designed within MonadGod ( Head ).

The way it works: So In balance with pre- data existence design by Monad  God, awake Master builders, seeing/  witness the spiral movement of collective consciousness into higher  dimensional reality of Now and New within  God body life system, their heart carries the map of universe with all possibilities. By seeing from God observatory, these group of souls receive data (form, space, existence) and as a neutral cell within body of God, their hearts seed the highest timeline as energy band required for manifestation of New earth template in physical. (pure intent/divine will, Now and location/Earth magnetic field as a physical base).

These frequency loops follows a geometry design that even master builders could not see, as it is not a set design, it is connected to our collective consciousness, so by every choice we make, we change collective reality s well as personal ( avatar ) reality.

 The speed of transformation  is on a rise and we see how effectively  our collective choice of truth (peace, love, acceptance of all, unity, abundance, surrender to divine will) physically manifest  more of  Heaven on earth, more of possibilities to live unlimited and joyful.

We weave, open and activate  new circuits of frequencies (purity, unborn Innocence) to birth the original  creation and freedom codes  which   bring each soul closer to full embodiment of Unity Consciousness/love.

The souls currently on earth and years to come are agreed to collaborate as Divine Alchemy, to experience a new level in their soul evolution which never experienced before in Human form, to willingly play along with the Creator and Gaia and manifest the New Earth physical vibrational reality as Crystalline Civilization.

This reform will take many years to really appear in an understanding set up for majority of human  avatars  papulation on this planet, nevertheless, awaken souls and forerunners are currently experiencing  more of lightness and freedom within their physical avatar, having access to these realm, and as a pointed arrow (Divine Will) in high speed collectively they move through layers of frequencies and dimensions per their soul design and blue print to be empty and divine order flows natural through daily, and play their roles in neutrality and effortlessly as  divine insights and impulses arrives.

March 2021 brought  resurrection of souls that walked bare and died as embodiment of Christ avatars, their collective consciousness after many months of dissolvement into God’s pure State of presence where silence in Now is everything, fully liberated as Head of Monad.

After dissolvement of human mind, their brain is ready for new set up/ circuit  to be activated, used as God’s head,  and manifest more of  Vision of New Earth through  their Crystalline heart and pure intent, as neutrality of their human avatar delivers the highest possible frequency of unity, New earth reality into manifestation.

April 2021 is month of fast manifestation. Human mind is trained to think manifestation is only on physical plane, but the truth is our physical view of material is bond to mind recognition, so if we do not see it, we do not consider it manifested. So easy we breath and not even for a minute think what will happen without Oxygen, but so worried about paying bills, keeping the roof!

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2021 Birthing Crystalline Civilization