Pilgrimage of Heart Cont…Oneness

Pilgrimage of Heart continues… Oneness Jan – April  2021.

It has been a while since I shared on my heart pilgrimage. The last one was  in December 2020 while

After a heavy clearing on land and vibration of the Nicosia, I found myself moved back to a isolated resort in Mazotos in about 20 miles away form Larnaca. A cycle of synchronicity brought me in contact with few young light beings whom required a bit of divine flame to hear their inner voice. It shaped a group gathering with about 7 other souls to begin and turned to a larger one over a weekend. That felt a sense of Light House template, asking for more of clarity and purity to become a more permanent frequency to manifest this unity template in physical reality.

I will write separately on Light House Projects on Seraphim Joy Foundation site, if you wish to follow more on collective ascension, New Earth and Crystalline Civilization, please join the mailing list.

This gathering took place on 18th  December and felt one pair ( Masculine , Feminine Avatars) closer to let go of human self and enter the river of unknow, taking a flight into Now and follow their bliss. Every soul on Earth has an undeniable longing and pull toward the creator of all, this urge, thirst for some that it is their time to wake up into wholeness and oneness, it feels like a burning flame and no matter how much mind tries to keep them in prison of ego, divine will use Others to push them back into life, into open fields of heart, into collaboration of light. So, my new friends were pulled into gravity of love and love affair that I live. They listened enthusiastically to my human story, the not easy walk of surrendering, acceptance of all.

We had few more these little coming togethers, always in my apartment and yet  somehow managed to arranged a separate space for them, in next building, so they  have their  own space while our hearts frequency comes into alignment.

 For a mystic like me who rarely meet others and even no longer have statics on social media except the two websites that words flow as divine wishes, it felt such a gift to witness their heart transformation by just sitting in one circle, listening to what moment brought out as words, tales of grid worker, gatekeeper, a pilgrim, out of this vessel. I was deeply humbled and moved by grace in this process.

 I do not remember what we shared, was it Satsang?  Poetry?  Tears, silence, embrace, trust and love, deep passion for God, for unity of all, something along this line of experiences.

 As we moved to January, I entered a cocoon not like any other time, a lot of physical symptoms accrued. I felt completely lost in divine, still do. 😊  all edges were removed, I sat on veranda facing beach from 100 meters distance, in a resort which normally should be with many guests and travellers, but due to Covid-19, only few long stay residences, bare and quiet . My companion were clouds and sparrows. My day would open in silence on morning sky and then songs of birds, winds and sometimes even storms. At night, I would sit with a candle, sounds on waves from not very far, looking hours into stars, feeling small, big, limited, unlimited. It felt birthing, from human bones, heart, from depth of my desire to see Earth, free, united an in love with the creator of all. As I am typing these words, again my eyes are full of tears, full of ache of worship for One.

No wonder Seraphim is a high octave of my soul, for me, Holy has been always centre of everything, and all my nature calls me to, is worship.

This worship is every breath I take,

every word I type,

 every poem I write,

 every food, I cook,

every human I meet, I embrace one.

 Everything here,  I love.

Because all

I see is God. All I feel is God.

All I become is God.

As January came to an end, I felt closer to my departure time from Cyprus. Returning to Cyprus also felt significant. As my bare truth walk really started from there in 2017, it felt a completion of that level of frequency. I arranged my travel plan with all uncontrolled play of Covid-19 drama across the worlds for 25th February, but somehow the date did not feel align, but part of me felt impatient, kind of want to leave the land.

During January, most of time, was in timeless presence, pure consciousness of higher realm, like watching s lucid dream, fully awake, observing a crystalline, high vibrant existence, but not really on current of earth. I noticed the expansion of emptiness within, more release of human emotions, feelings became a stronger, like a new compass is replaced, more clarity and ease-ness in all perceived realities. And easier in manifestation. I would feel like a coffee, the stuff of resort, suddenly would knock on my door with surprising gifts, coffee, flowers, lunches, kinder ship. Every day, I felt more pampered in love, surrendered by love. They were days that I could not stop my tears, rapture and nectars of heart melting in beauty and awe of Divine Self. Over 57 years of my human life, I think my eyes cried the water of Atlantic ocean, first as result of perceived sorrow and injustice of 3D dimension and over the years, from the burn of longing and yearning for union and now, pure joy, dissolvement and disappearance in Divine Self. How anyone could convey such experiences in words, it is useless. It is like a fragrance could never be repeated again, the first feeling, is so mesmerizing, heart is hypnotised by God, by beauty that lives and breathes in everything. Holy, Holy, Holy!

It seemed more time required for this new receipt of transportation, so shortly after my flight got cancelled by Greek Airline and somehow this all made me smile. As the original guidance when I arrived in Cyprus was I have to travel North and fly out or take ferry, to return to Turkey. But again due to Covid drama and uncertainty of restriction and regulation, legal or not legal! I had my flight arranged via Athens. After the cancelation, I realized I have to come to alignment before I book any flight or take the next step.

So February became another deep cocoon, a more eventful within kingdom of Heart.  For my body, travel has become very challenging these days. My weight has been on a rise and body has crossed the level of obesity as medical term, while my eating is not much, but my body movement was slow down and I rarely wanted to go out, while in Uk, I could easily go or an hour or two hike, just few months ago. This cocoon wanted to keep me still, in presence. In February, all activities, even cooking, eating became hard. All I wanted was to sit on a chair and observe. And this continued as some internal new experiences also felt. It was in the beginning of March,  I had the confirmation from my heart to book a new flight and this time fly out from Ercan Airport which is located in North Cyprus ( Turkish side). It was magical how effortless everything else around this travel shaped. From Corona test that the lab guy actually came to resort than me going to lab, to be directed to get a taxi from north which again the driver played his part with all drama of passport check and travel at the border.

So on 21st March, I fly out from North Cyprus/Lefkosia to Istanbul/Turkey. Knowing in my heart, Turkey is my assigned location, with high possibilities to be a long term resting place, perhaps rest of  for the rest of my time on earth.

Feeling this anticipation for a place in physical to be a home space of light (LIGHT HOUSE) that can be a Generator and Transumter of higher frequency between portals, a galactic and a celestial connector through timeless sphere.

In New earth templates, locations and awake souls play as one building component of new frequency band. For my human I always wanted to return to San Francisco and live again in CA,  but after huge clearing that took place through my body in 2018 and 2019, energy link between my vessel and North America/ Canada was fully removed and I had this sudden urge to listen to Turkish music and learn the language a bit. It seemed funny for my mind, as a British born from Iranian parents, whom grew up in Iran, it was no desire to live or even visit turkey. But after that wipe up in Sept 2019, feels my body cells are pulled to Turkey and when I came first time last October 2019, I knew I have to stay for a long period and I stayed till Sept 2020.

This year began very strange, and I am certain, I am not the only one witness this strangeness in collective Ascension. We all know, there is no other way, God way is the only way, we all bow at our own divinity while we still have a garment/body, we witness the glory of what takes place in our crystalline hearts. And yet there is a body, a vehicle, require some comfort, food, sleep, nature, sometimes healing, more rest. As much as my soul is ready to fly limitless, to forget there is a world outside, sometimes, body reminds me, I am here, look, wait, rest, enjoy, share.

It has been around two years, since March 2019 that a soul brother chose to become a light collaborator and in our exchange of light and flow of consciousness, fund my travels and safety of my body, my garment, while on pilgrimage of heart. His finance has become the magic carpet, abundantly moving the body between locations with comfort and ease. From early January, it felt our  collaboration is under construction and some divine tests. As being a one in position of surrendering, accepting and allowing, they are not much doing could happen in a face of change.

So after my arrival in Istanbul on 21st March and staying few nights in a hotel, I moved to a Airbnb in central Istanbul, as my many physical symptoms needed some attention. While visiting doctors, I also checked legal steps in sense of obtaining residency and passed it on to my soul brother which he did not find himself in alignment with.

 The moment arrived that I knew is a test of divine, and I have  to honor the other  as well my integrity as an agent in service of awakening.

As I am typing this words, this accomodation is booked till 23rd of April and less than $300, feel alone in my heart, with one. This walk, this pilgrimage is far beyond my understanding, beyond any human choice, I have died hundred times on Cross of my choices, to stay truthful to what beats in my heart. If this is not One sitting on throne of my heart, how else I can endure this constant move, like a leaf, surrender to wind.

There is no fear in I am, something carry this body through many impossible situations and happenings, she is so empty, so powerful and yet sometimes like now, so vulnerable.

Her human bones are tired, but heart pilgrimage is a path of light, is path of embodiment and she knows, she is not alone. Many brave souls, came with her, into this pace and time to serve humanity for crossing over the bridge of timelessness.

She wants a personal space, for a body on a road since 2008, it seems fair to ask for a base, a wall to hag a hat, have a blanket for cold nights, own a cup.

She wants a home, she could be happy with small room, a corner to do her art, write her poetry.

But her soul, her beloved inside, wants for her a LIGHT HOUSE, wants to co-create with hr a foundation that serves humanity for years to come. This is the design coded in every part of her soul, the blueprint of New earth, the symphony of unity.

Believe me, she is in tears, writing these letters, her heart burns, in light of truth.

Yes, there is still Serena here, but no self is left. Divine music  moves her toward liberation, along with all collaborators of light. It is time to restructure, brick by brick, build Lighthouses across this planet, for the ones who are travel in caravans of light, for the ones who have no place on 3D planet, they residence of higher ground. And through their hearts, the map of new earth is shaping…

Look, look, the foot steps behind mine, you see none. The body is heavy 😊, but the person is gone. If you ask where Serena go next after 23rd, there is no answer. Heart feels South, intuation points toward Mugla, Fethiya, Batterfly Valley, Gelemis, Lettoon, Vas…

with Curfew, Covid-19 program, with 6 weeks visa and body in crisis. Where is the next for the ones whom only remembers Heaven, only step by step, more dissolvement in Mighty One,

in this remembrence they sing, and their song brings creation into dance of One. This song is love.

 Heaven, I am.

Joy, I am.

Freedom, I am.

Shiva, lord of Universe, I Am.

And may this prayer accompany all lovers of One.

May  your heart sings,

May you dance over the boundless fields of sunflowers, lavenders and red poppies.

May your dreams be embraced by all possibilities.

May Divine inferno be activated in your heart

May her flame never leaves you in dark.

May liberation from mind be your forever present of life.

~Serena 13/04/2021 Istanbul