The Braves

life is your inheritance

A fragile fracture of a sacred movement

Between dust and magic.

The thorny road, the narrow path,

The barefoot sage,

Is humming of your soul,

Falling in love with not knowing

Where Now stands.


when ache breaks your chest

And tears blur your vision,

The soft scent of love

Always lead you to home.

Before you arrive here,

Mountains lived in fear,

Eagles were cages in dreams.

You arrived with power of choice,

Without understanding 

the colours of sky and rainbows.

You fell into void, 

Dark underworld of cobblestones 

Monsters and secrets,

You forgot the blanket of love,

The lightness of your spirit,

The magic of your divine lips.
In cycles of moon and tides,

You remembered the unseen path 

Of galaxies inside your own heart,

The Vision came to light,

Ache carved your heart

To excellence of its shape.

Crystalline gem you have become.

Time to claim the legacy of light.

You are the dance of creation,

Silent, majestic and holy.

You are the beloved dream of the dreamer,

Weaving into gold and silver of Gaia,

Enchanted music from beyond.

You are the brave ones,

Galactic  Tribes on arrival phase, 

A new dawn upon the Earth,

Coming out the spiral ladder of divine plan.
Yin yang lover,

In moments of joy

Coming together

Intimate, pure, magnificent.

The sublime beauty of One,

You are the brave sparks of love,

Moulded, carved, squeezed, crystallised

For the feast and celebration of the Mighty one.
This dance 

Designed and engineered 

Eras before your time here,

Breathe into now,

Be one with divine’s will, 

Freedom is the house of angels and children.

Humans are too conditioned by mind,

They believe in choices

While the rest of universe knows,

There is no choice in face of love.
Gardens, butterflies, fire and ice, bees and magnolias are all glorified in choiceless dance of nature.

Your small ship on waves of life ocean,

Can only surrender to power of winds and your own mastery in navigating time, space and direction.

The rest is really the magic.
And of course the squeeze of grace beneath all earthy dramas,

Bravery is neither a gift, or a power,

It is acceptance 

and full offering of love that you are

With no attachment to the outcome.
This is the way of a new earth,

Falling in love,

Be initiated through fire and ice,

Form and formless,

Masculine & Feminine 

And duality lose its control and power 

It is still a ground to play, to be, to improve, to enjoy and laughs

Knowing the director is behind the scene 

And your job is just playing the part,

With care, serenity and fun.

Serena Devi