Pilgrimage of heart…Turkey light activation

I feel to leave this little note before embarking the next phase, as this time, I am truly Alone, All One. This New, feels also like an Ending. I do not know what is coming. Just more disappearance in One Foundation.

I arrived Turkey exactly a month ago. It feels months ago. Truth walking is a unpredictable journey into own heart, layers of veil have been removed and yet still when comes to walk Alone with Nothing, mind begins to find solutions.

Also the fact that body is going through many frequency upgrades and also human health conditions, all makes every step a challenge of ice and fire while all melts in Divine Will.

Something in me is very tired, physically more than any other level. To pack and unpack, even though my earthy belonging is not much!

Most of time, the presence is here, the witness at observatory platform. Seeing my own mind, body, rise and fall of thoughts, plans, solutions to somehow change this repeated loop, bring some sort of base, a personal space to rest, and create, but in light of Heart initiation, there is only knowing of some sort of insight, divine flow of love that feels like sort of gravity that I have no other choice but to follow with all that is available and possible.

The timeline that brought my avatar to Istanbul is gone along with a dear light brother whom have been a pillar of guardianship to support the light activation and seeding that is assigned to Serena.

The last two weeks, it was hard for mind to be still. Rest in God will and observe how the next will come through. As without flow of finance, the plan for residency was gone, and now by Thursday, my stay in this airbnb also concluded and I need to leave.

For me, thinking about outer reality has become almost impossible, so much happens at Galactic level at the moment and plantery templates of Earth, in sleep time as well as awake that no energy is left to think about the avatar well being!

It was a time that I was at this zero point, at the time it was a large group of fb supporter, followers, soul family, but the last two years, all dissolved in Unity Consciousness, and somehow this heart pilgrimage shifted to a new level of working and birthing frequencies and NewEarth Energy templates.

It seems being at zero this time, with many physical symptoms, with no personal contact, no further financial resource, must reflect some New happening, as I do not perceive repeated loop of being in street, with no money, sleeping on a bench or a bus, with Corona and curfew all around Turkey, so where divine is leading this humble servant?

My heart wants to flow south of Turkey along the coast line. They are few locations/gates that need to be visited and work on. How this comes to manifestation and how my body can go through it with all the facts,Only God knows. I had some inner struggles, mind interfering but soul is strong and divine will on a driving seat, so I booked a plane ticket to Dalaman Airport in Muglu origin.

For years I lived without a credit card and in 2019 due to travel and exchange rate, divine manifested a credit card offer by my bank, named Clarity Card! I always with aid of my light brother paid it off monthly. Now, that is the only possible shield between me and staying in street and my heart felt align to use it even though I do not know how to settle the balance in due time.

So I booked a place for arrival in small village and then I see how my body feels and synchronicity opens up the way to Antalya. Last year while in Istanbul I received some insight on how Turkey land ( also part of Iraq, Iran, Armenian) has a hidden codes like Egypt, but still undiscovered and only Master builders avatars could access and activate them, usually this work is done by two avatars, one masculine and one feminine. The Masculine makes the land ready and feminine seed and birth the new consciousness, in result the merge between old and new codes, activates light portals along the new electromagnetic field of gaia and in time, these frequencies assist Earth and humanity to come further in alignment at Galactic level, encounter with other universeal life form so the higher dimensions unite in physical reality. .

My guidance and inner knowing indicates Turkey has to be my base and the location I reside permanently while light work continues in this Middle East origin.

I am a solo avatar, embodiment of Unity consciousness, my life is flow of divine will and perhaps these words and mission will be the final steps on ground of Earth and this Heart pilgrimage. There is such a lightness in my heart, such a love, entwined and united with the beloved, that maybe the garment fell and soul flys to where she truly belongs. In my heart, I am whole and United, does my soul still need to stay on Earth? Time will tell.

Anyway, it will be all new, all reflection of our own vibration, desired reality.

The peace I experience within can not be expressed by words. Any other time in my human journey whenever I was left with no finance, alone, in an impoaaible situation, the fear of surviving and being helpless would have crippled my entire faculty and had dark waves run through my heart, channeled and released collective fear, low local frequencies as well timelines. Now, I am just at peace. Like no one is here. Just emptiness and a bit of tiredness.

Just here, open to life. Loving All. Letting Go of anything no longer resonates with peace, truth, love, purity, transparency. I am One.

Serena Devi ( Seraphim )