Icarus’s Metamorphosis

Inside my heart, a shy nymph has been living for years. She plays a magical harp masterfully. All I knew were washed away by her music. I was left alone with the ocean.

So I began a conversation with waves, traveller seagulls, with morning sunrise and a cool dark night. We became so intimate. She played and my pen wrote poetry, dreams, love letters, prayers, monologs, all for the sake of the beauty of her songs, inner melody that brought this mystic into glorified dance on stage of life.

Ah, humbled I became. Home-less, lightness I became, to follow the magic with tides, to become wet under rain of unknown, to dissolve passionately in waves.

To dream of waking up beside my true love.

God, in face of metamorphosis, caterpillar offered her body to silenrt emerging of mystery  and one day she wakes up with wings of light.

The silky cocoon of aloneness is touch of death before resurrection, all must be offered,forgotten, dissolved.

This is how I disappeared and became an Ocean.

The moment that lovers become one, is here.

In this small village of Gocek, south of Mugla in Turkey, I found myself lost in Ocean, the nymph player brought me here two days ago. Since my head is in fire, pain, ache of emergence.

There is this mystical story about this place,” Gocek is a historical spot right on the Mediterranean Sea. It was known as Kalimche is believed to be around where Icarus fell when he flew too close to the Sun in Greek myth.”*

How long it takes for the garment to fall out? I had experienced many death under the sun, beside the beating heart of Earth,

This time, this song was never played before.

Perhaps  a mighty butterfly birthing in timelessness,

 Perhaps I still keep a shade as a new garment in colour of love

Or not!

Or just leave this beautiful planet at this time and return when humanity is ready for irregular kinds, Angel – with wings, messengers from God, waves raised above the ocean,

Icarus’s metamorphosis is completed.

I AM Free!

 Serena Devi

24 April 2021 Gocek/Turkey