lighthouse projects/deliverance of newearth and reality 2021

New Earth is life manifestation through collective self -realisation.  It is a space free of concepts and supports unconditional Beingness. When we look through History of old civilization which currently we walk on their remains, unaware of  how gradually human species chained to limiting perceptions of mind and ego domination through centuries, how from the beginning of time, humans lost their connectivity with oceanic Source of all. And how in our current reality on planet earth,  this pendulum between time and timelessness is bringing balance and new possibilities, to birth a neutralised Earth and Human Civilization to support our life system, as well as Solar System, Milky way and entire galaxies.

Growth is a process that effects entire living being, like when we grow from childhood to adulthood, our bodies expands, our bone structure develops gradually and yet noticeable. We become taller, new hormones begins their function, our voice changes and so on. This is what currently we are witnessing, evolution us as part of Divine Body/life system as New Earth Templates.  

 On Divine observatory, there is a swing between EXTRACTION of New earth Geometry Design of  pure light vibration,  ( Electromagnetism ) and CONTRACTION anchoring that Frequency ( GRAVITY of New Earth Template). Neutral and purified Being/Avatar that their mind activities at zero and neutral state for some yearly time, are Crystalline Frequency Pins of New Earth, Frequency Geometry maps across the Planet Earth as well as  Divine Transmuter to higher dimensions, and star Systems.

What seems new in our perceived reality, is just another stage in timeless existence of one, The Creator. The greatest opportunity in current reality is the collective Ascension which is speeding this transformation at Galactic level. The LIGHT HOUSE term has been used frequently on our website, as they are like points and lines  that shaped the New Earth Template, energy web of light.

The New Earth templates are engineered by divine love and will,  with each impact of light waves/ Solar waves as well as inner Sun body, we as particles (Consciousness Avatars) are transformed into empty space (Silence particles) so the love/ light waves of the Source arrange and evolve us into the more appropriate Design for completion of the Collective Ascension and manifestation of New Earth.

Light Houses are Neutral Power Centres (Future Light Stations on Earth, linked to Galactic Collective Higher Self Design) that are emerged through our current seeding (choices in this momentary reality) to support of our planetary evolution. These centres are designed to come in activation with physical presence of a Higher Frequency Holder(s), in form of a resident which is a floating Ship of Consciousness, it creates a magnetic field on that specific land which transmute the Song of One, all completed bands of Mother Board Frequencies  (Celestial/ Galactic/ Physical). Within time and space these centres appear as a building with a Light House keeper(s), that accommodate Light Caravans or collaborators that works with grids or gates on earth and travel between points and locations and require a place to stay or their frequency bands require a higher frequency holder to bring their tune into balance to continue their journey and tasks.

The locations and countries that these light houses will manifest are become a new grids of Electromagnetic on Earth and nature and human civilizations will be effected by its purity and power of one.

The map and details of Light Houses are coded within Master Builder of Blue Rays and as they rise more and more within their Original Frequency, they can receive the higher vision from Monad God, and by holding their frequency stable, the divine will use their Avatar to manifest the first cell in physical reality of New Earth Template.

If the soul carries the frequency of Galactical Sirus Blue Ray/ MasterBuilder and Celestial Guardian  Founder Races, they will be pulled into full activation of Vision within their physical Avatar and become more and more align to Birth the  frequency/ geometry template of Firth Harmonic Universe On New Earth.  

Our awake avatars are assigned with different Houses of Frequency within Monad God. Each group and house when arrived to their highest tune of individual and collective tune, will fall into a tide/orbit that carries them effortless to their role as a AWAKE LIGHT COLLABORATOR on New Earth reality.  This will shape a movement and event across the Earth planet which our current time is very close to witness this as an EVENT that time and timelessness pause as equal possibilities, the silent, emptiness is widen enough for the sound of Emerald order to be heard. For awaken souls will taste as honey drops of Heaven, constant presence of eternal, for sleep walkers… dark night of soul will continue faster and more chaos in physical world.

It is important to not see anything as a doer, as a person. To be true agent of Divine, in service is to be fully obedient of our original design. This requires extra level of aloneness, totality, wholeness and be in present, that is the embodiment of New Earth Templates as One Foundation.

Light House projects are the blueprint of Divine organization in New Earth frequency reality which be transported from unmanifested to manifest by Universal Threefold Founder Flame frequencies ( Seraphim).

Deliverance time has arrived, we will experience a higher voltage of Higher Dimensional frequency by end of May and June.  

To manifest and stabilize the Founder flame frequency of Monad God Head, Master builders/ Blue ray Seraphim ( Masculine) will generate a  stronger electrical field transmission, ( one side of pendulum) while the Feminine anchors the magnetic field and  become high octave of reception. ( another side of pendulum) Together create a Time Matrix that complete the repair of Earth DNA as well Human DNA,  end of time in timelessness and Emerald Order of Divine will be heard/ felt by all avatars with open hearts by June Solstice.  

Unity and completion of this frequency sequence  band will complete the New Earth  blueprint alternation required for Light house projects to go on line through truest, purest  intention and devotion to the Creator of all.  

June 2021 will be a month full of happening across the planet, collective crossing to the other side, shift of abundance and wealth, union of many equal light collaborators ( Masculine/Feminine Avatars), sudden disappearance of lower frequencies, physical transformation on human body as well Earth herself, new grid activation, relocation of light beings, more peace and tranquillity from higher realm.

Light house projects / Deliverance of New Earth and Reality