Sultan & the nightingale


Sun of my day, Peace of my night,

My hidden lover

My Istanbul, my Bosphorus, my one song,

owner of my heart, the day our eyes met,

All deserts of the world became rose gardens.

All birds, became nightingales.

all thorns, petals,  fragrances  became one breath,

 one gaze, between us.

You, my reason of existence,

my eternal ache and joy,

In flames of your embrace

I lost myself more and more.

Breath by breath,

my drop of nothingness disappears

In your magnificent arms.

My ocean, my sky, my emerald crown,

My repeated chant of love,

My mist and snow, my melancholy,

My earth, my heaven.

I have become a bird of dark nights,

A nightingale, at a razor edge of awakening,

Travelling between timelines,

Up and down of the cedar trees

 and dreamy stars.

Just to see your face of sun

 at dawn.

My eternal lover

Years are passed,

Seeking and dissolving

Yearning and arriving,

Sinking and roaring,

Tossing and crossing,

Dying and birthing,

Loving and vibrating,

Around your golden throne,

In delight,

Pouring my heart into songs and lyrics

This no ending whirling

 has peeled my soul.

I am chained to this centreless love,

While my life floats free above all lands.

My hairs are white, my body bended,

My mates are gone,

My days are numbered,

 possessions packed in a small bag,

a new passport with only one stamp,

Turkey, Istanbul, Bosphorus,  

end of all roads.

I walked courageously on earth, between lands and gates.

yet the pilgrimage was taken within.

Have I arrived; to end of my travel.

Is there a miracle in throat time;

waiting to occur, to manifest a home.

Or am I at end of  my one song.

have I become a Rose in the Beloved’s garden?


my light, my joy,

my reason of breath,

shelter me between your mighty orchids,

evaporate my scent between pomegranate trees and moonlight.

Burn my feathers, my heart

In flames of your love.

It is never enough,

This love is all I am. All I ever be.

Years are passed, everyone is gone.

In this city, in this world, I feel the song is completed.

Let love echoes,  the lyrics of our happiness,

joy of our lovemaking

till end of time.

Ah, this is my delight, my hope,

 my purpose,

creation of pure beauty

To be whispered,

between your timeless lips.

I am happy now,  fulfilled.

Ready to be  gone beyond all known,

Into poetry and wine.

Drink my soul,

earth can have my body.

Alone with you,

Ocean and a wave,

Sky and a star,

God and his slave,

While your magic played with strings of my heart,

All secrets poured into poems.


Sun of my day, Peace of my night,

My hidden lover

My Istanbul, my Bosphorus, my one song,

Shall we bring the Nightingale home?

Serena Devi

Istanbul/Turkey 19 May 2021

*Sultan= King of kings, the beloved,

Sultan-am = My Sultan

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