Rite of Passage to Libiration, Energy update June 2021

The Rite of passage has begun. This rite is a marriage of trinity Holographic design of soul, higher self mother soul, in another words, all aspects of a soul, in physical galactical and celestial are coming into oneness. The entire operating system of a soul/ cell within the Source is going to reboot, and rebirth between now and end of September 2021 if the willingness to allow is in place.

The coming few months, the freedom codes and keys will take us to a new stage, where libiration from polarity and duality merge into a new platform for life system on earth. Never happened or experienced as collective before.

When the greatest mystery is no longer a mystery, when the secret of lifetimes is unveiled, the game of time has no longer have any effect on a free mind. We become Awaken Creators, in body of One.

The New earth is a stage for such a happening. Truth can never be told, or taught, the physical reality is just a plain screen, for projection, reflection and play after play.

it  has a limitation to hold the totality of truth, and that is why so many life times it takes for a soul to begin remembrance, feeling her true nature, shedding all extras. however, this world of matter is the passage to cross over to the land of Spirit. To freedom, to complete oneness with the Creator. The entry to unlimited.

Life has chosen us, to be here, the witnesses of Now, as One deliberate movement of consciousness, crossing one or many stage(s) of transformation to become A whole particular of One as a Pure conscious  manifestor. This stage has been set eras before our physical arrival on earth (Humans) at this time and space, the greatest awakening of the planet ( Gaia) and all livings.

We are at the edge of Libiration. As a collective Consciouesness, this is the sealed partnership with the source of all.

Year 2020/21 is the rite of passage for complete renewal, blueprint activation and Template of NewEarth, as we discussed before our energy circuit/ frequency life system design of Earth, currently under-going a major upgrade preparing the entire planet, humans, animals, minerals, elementals for new roles and collaborations locally as well as universally and planetary.

The rite passage is sacred and constant transformative journey into Unity consciousness, and it only require willingness to be stripped of all untrue, at the individual level as well as collective levels.

Till end of 2021, Sun/ heart Activation continues and speeding up, to keep the pendulum between form and formless in balance,  while underlying template is renewed and purified,   all the outward manifestations and appearances in form might appear as catastrophe; disease, virus, chaos, earthquake, war, political conflicts, terror, control. Nevertheless, it is a divine will wish for life detox on Earth, at physical level as well as Soul level, it is part of our collective ascension programs.  

To birth the new earth and restructure  our human civilizations across the planet, it is a mandatory divine upgrade in purpose of a unified supportive life system and neutralize consciousness to bring through awake light bearer communities.

 Our Human Evolution is a voluntary  participation to expand in love and cherish each being, nourish all livings, appreciate existence and be humbled as a free agent of life, as a ray of light, as a truth collaborator. We have crossed many stages of chaos, disharmony, death of individual and collective Ego to finally arrive to this possible time, to consciously cultivation and refine seeds of Oneness for what shapes and appear as a future of Earth, Solar System and Milky way.

It is important for all chosen Souls to work as divine collaborator in this time on earth to lose all personal identity, righteousness, and arrive into neutral perceptions, in present, truthful to their inner flow and yet be free of mind solutions, stories, playing roles. Humble heart can move mountains by power of devotion, the illusionary world has to stop completely, only then sky and the earth can come together, only then every face is Christ, every hand is the hand of beloved.

This can not be spoken, lectured, taught.

This is the Flame in awaken heart, true light, true awakening is to understand everything is You. And you are One.

After May 2021, we are as collective souls/ pure pins of light( whatever we perceive ourselves), have the opportunity to re-announce our  heart pledge to Divine Creator, ourselves and stand empty and still, faithful souls to keep alive the flame of Truth while collectively we are crossing this bridge between the worlds and perceived realities to Zero perception of One.

We are  in no return cycle from illusion of 5 sensory humans, physical forms, needs, desires, into choosing  Higher soul reality, when everything happens through  alignment within, with heart wisdom, insights, from separation perspective into unified witness/ observer Being.

when metal turns into gold there is no going back, the transmutation of vibration is not just the change in form, but the birth of the new essence. There is no going back to caterpillar, Butterfly might only live few days, imagine those days in heaven, in joy of flying and be mesmerised by fragrance of flowers and warmth of sun on our shimmering wings. For those few days, we collectively came to the world of illusion to  play with our creator, the greatest play and players are the ones  falling in true love, with all there is, in now, in present.

The Alchemy of love is such a tender process, that God offered all livings, through the rite of passage to become AWAKEN on planet earth in the capsule of TIME. To be initiated by heart, to experience phenomenon, layer by  layer, unveil of true nature of who we are. This is the voice of Creation, the voice of truth, moving us into this highlight of final score of Symphony of Divine in this century.

It is time of a Great SILENCE, as the Great Storms are upon the Earth, the land, soil of earth  is ready for new seeds ( Souls), for expansion of Emptiness, for the hearts ready to carry the POWER of CREATION, the coming few months, into Lions Gate, we are practicing our new skills, listing only through higher self-Heart-alignment actions and expressions.

As we are getting closer to June 2021, the 7 keys of Creations are in hands of Eyes of One, new cycle has already began after Eclipse on 26th May, laws of One are leading us through massive waves into newness, heaven on earth is birthing in form, through group alignment of light beings

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