The Holy Grail, August 2021 bringing…

Silent like water we cross memories of lifetimes of having a form, a body. A library of thoughts and feelings, endless emotional links to daily happenings. From eating ice cream in joy to endure pain of breaking apart.

We are each a drop of consciousness, exploring our limitless in a light body journey. This quest from the beginning to its completion, to drink from Holy Grail, have been perceived individually and collectively along our walk about on earth.

There was a time, humanity perceived earth is flat and physical death the ending.

Today, we perceive we are children of stars in spiral swing of universe, kissing lips of God in one swing and the next in our little boat  floating on stream of frequency bands into unknown.

We are awaken in this dream, or like a new born.  We take the first step and then again we fall on a ground crying, then laughing. Finding courage to stand up again and take a new step in a world that no longer we part of it and yet it is our collective choice of being fully aware birthing the restructure of this perceived world/ reality millimetre by millimetre, cell by cell, thought by thought.

We have become Masters of Universe, light collaborators,   Galactical surfers on our shinny lightboards, daring to rise higher and higher on waves of true love, devotion to what its fragrance and essence,  is everywhere we go, observe, and bring to form.

Such a love, such a oneness with every experience in and out. Even the hardest one, the most painful one in soul or in body, is a melody inviting us to let this heave born inside our hearts.

We are the braves on New Earth, the old paradigm is completed and sealed. There is no return to a moment passed. As Breath is here, so are we.

In this new sequence, we let waves carry us, we accept the push and pull of universe in totality of all we are. Universe is an inner stream of love and joy, all through hara centre, belly, heart, eyes and heading to stars and galaxies.

When all noise stops, all is left is emptiness, all is here, is silence.

All movement of life that we are becomes  harmonious, graceful, in oneness of all.

New Earth is not an imaginary place, it is a frequency reality spinning between borders of form (body) and formless ( soul, God). Trust its music, let nature flows through your heart impulses and it will be an experiences of highest dimensions and intimacy with the creator of all.

August 2021, is the rebirth of The Sacred, The holy Grail in our beings. Cherish every moment into unknown and unfamiliar. Let New Earth leads your heart by her fragrance, let magic touch life that you are. Experience and aknowledge the new joy rising in you, in light body.

This is a fluid crystalline music from harmonious Universe, vibrating through us, remembrance key to unluck all doors and gates, to activate freedom codes.

Ah, breathe into joy of angelic experience of body, soul, god ( Trinity).

Drink from the Holy Grail, be Eternal. Be one.