the Lullaby

On this day, I sit on a bench in Beloved’s Garden

With a heart full of uncertainty.

With eyes looking inside

With Skilled hands passionate to create,

 With a hidden song in my soul, waiting for her time

To be heard.

Knowing all sounds in this universe are monologues.

On this day, I died many times and reborn.

On this day, I fell in love with many faces of myself, in others,

 in games of mirrors.

On this day, the source of my pain and longing

became my joyful ache into oneness.

It was always this way,

The Way of God, to awakening.

Pressing thorns into heart,

While the songs of others,

Echoes in small and large doses

of emotional peaks inside.

Some left a mark like a cross,

others, remembrance of fragrance of

faraway dreamlands.

It was no other way, except the self- dialogue!

On sunny or rainy days.

Except sitting on a bench in God’s Garden,

Waiting for myself

To wake up.

On this day,

 on every day of life,

 I delved deep into heart

Into discovery of universe,

All in a simple  monologue.

I called the other side of it,

The beloved.

Just to make it real,

but it is always created by me.

We all do this, don’t we?

 As children, our invisible friends,

coming  for a  tea party,

Or the monsters under the bed,

that we keep the lights on for.

Childhood world is full of mysteries

no adult will understand, or even remember.

I guess, I never grow up in that way.

Ex- friends and lovers are having tea parties  

somewhere else,

and room became full of light

no monsters could even hide anywhere,

inside or out.

Today,   I woke up with deep sadness,

Like a cloudy sky, loaded with water

Wanting to burst out, in tears.

Help me God, to end this final whirl

Let the song be heard


and my monologue ends peacefully.

Completion of endless repetition

Of orbits of light

and this long self-dialogue.

Neither I can stop,

Nor you can appear!

My bones are tired,

so much stretched in this human garment,

To pack and unpack, here and the next,

All temporaries of life.  

Spin after the spin.

Release the centre

Let monologue ends

In universal song of love.

and my soul

leaves this garment

and returns.

On this day forward,

Lullaby is the final song

of my soul.

Serena Devi

2nd October 2021, Istanbul

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