The Happening – Poetry

It began with a melody of moon
Then breeze of change.
Later all became a storm
harvest to harvest,
town to town,
shadowing truth,
eating ripen life.

Why the world stops
At the edge of unknown?
My courageous heart wants
to move forward
have a voice,
to speak with mountains and ocean tides.

The buried limbs of my humanness
under Sarcomere tree
in centre of earth
Next to rose bushes
Screaming their desires
For second life.

While I am dead in this one.
Waiting for resurrection.
Petition for another visit of God
Before the regretful winter comes.

Lips are thirsty for rain
This love is unforgiving
The play of shadow and light
Confrontation of awakening
Laughing loud
Between peaks of ignorance
And silent revelation.

Limbs, one by one aching
to come back into the world again,
a task lists of creativity and beauty
waiting for activation,
while my disappearance
continues beneath a nameless tree
with branches full of stars
and generosity of a joyful burial
in timelessness.

At the other side of storm,
A voice says,
You are already halfway there
“The Happening”
Put your hands in mine
Jump over the threshold
of heaven on earth,
stones; blue, magenta, golden yellow.
Ascension, father, mother, Unity.

See my surprise!
God came again to look into my eyes.
On a golden sand of the new world,
My heart was floated
By gratefulness.

This love in unforgiving,
I swim in river of my tears
While lightning opens me up
To happening.

Real or dream,
God’s smile is the happening.

Serena Devi

Istanbul/ Kadikoy 19th October 2021