The Road has been waiting…New podcast

like a shadow, like a flower in the dark;
I lie dead and unmoved by the side of the road
feeling dissolved in moments of anticipation;
thinking my beloved  will never stop;
the world says, I am a mad maid
have lost all my treasures, my youth, the color of my hair;
only you know my only loss, is my heart
staring out, into the mirror of your face
in forever love.

o, my love
the road has been waiting for us
show me again, how to dance on waves of life
let only air stands between us
the stretced bodies; melted in joy;
unable to say yes or no;
unable to have believes
show me between now and your silence
only love breathes
all cells of my body is waiting; my beloved
cross the road; and let me ease inside you.
With love and light 
Serena Devi