Living In truth, freedom of Now

This is first post in 2023 and after many months being away from my personal blog. While our foundation page is under construction, our moments of now brought me back to write from heart.

2022 was a unpredictable year! It brought many changes, including return to streets and bare walking which at 57 years old has its own challenges.

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It also was rewarding, I met my twinflame and true love ( time shows 11.44) and in a short while, we both recognised our One Soul and love beyond describe. Our togetherness did not come easy, as after initial heart recognition I returned to UK, but the pull was too strong and Brough me back to Turkey in June 2022. We spent 3 glorious months together and just before expiry of my visa, we got married. Divine Will took us to a deeper fire initiation for coming 4 months, some physical hardship and faster transformation to dissolve all lower frequencies. As our financial resources came to end, we both surrender more to ehat is and as life provided we walked on earth. I was in uk with suitcases, in and out of shelters,cold streets and airport waiting for a miracle to return to Turkey.

A kind heart bought me a return ticket on 30th December which brought us back again.

So far we have been walking bare and use whatever we had to provide shelter and food.

We are gatekeepers and frequencies stabiliser for this region and part of our earth mission is to create lighthouses and teach ascension education.

Today, we came out to streets with no funding to get a room or food. We are sitting in front of a beautiful view of marina, with our suitcases, our mind is not working, yet our hearts are in total surrendering and oneness with life.

How today will end for us, we do not know. Of course when you really walk in full faith, body has limits and can not travel as easy as our souls travel to realm of peace and heaven on earth. So resting in bed and have food is part of living. Again life is one and one is life.

We hope the one that are centered in heart, hear our voice of truth, Oneness and follow their own guidance. We appreciate all supports.

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We are grateful.

Seraphim & Gabriel