Serena’s palates are full of vibrant colors , shapes are minimized, focus on ornament designs and Middle Eastern  and Spiritual symbols and motifs  allow a direct communication between  emotions and  brush in a free and spontaneous process of creating. She sees herself as a contemporary artist whom  influenced by Art Deco, Cubism and Mosaic glass designs. She intent to create by law of beauty, silence, joy and mystery of unknown in every moment of creation.

Her art works are exhibited in  England, USA and Middle East. Please use the contact form to require further details, commission and price list.

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Akasha Mandala

What is Mandala? The meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” Even though it may be dominated by squares or triangles, a mandala has a concentric structure. Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. In Shamanism, Mandala uses as a connecter to the world of spirit and its energy merges through symbols, power animals, birds, elements and direct toward healing, centering. After making the Mandala, we continue our inner journey with its power on daily basis; meditation, gazing into the mandala. It can take days, weeks and even months, for us to completely channel its energy within our body, sometimes we can go even further and bring higher frequencies into embodiment which is a marriage of soul and matter. For a longtime I was looking for a way to merge my matter (vibrant art)  with energy (Spirit) and create a symbolic frequency art which uplift and also assist my clients in clarity and manifestation of  their life purpose.

What is Akasha? The word “ AKASHA”in Sanskrit is derived from a root kāś meaning “to be visible”. It appears as a masculine noun in Vedic Sanskrit with a generic meaning of “open space, vacuity”. The Akashic Records are the “hidden library” in space, a secret library of records held our lives ( past, now and future) data which can be only revealed by a align frequency and vibration to access and obtain required information. This requires years of meditation and able to perceive the energetic, vibrational reality In its pure form.Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates, and everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. The amplitude and frequency of energy is what determines how (in what form and visibility) that energy will express itself. We call this a “vibration”.  By accessing Akasha records, we tap into higher existence of self/soul and download these vibration into a 3D physical in purpose of self –discovery, alchemy and empowerment. To heal and bring true purpose into light and manifestation.

Akasha Library data is used respectfully to connect with true essence of Soul Blue print and transmute the vibration and energy in words and colorful vibrant Artworks and Mandala. Akashic Mandala creates a unique starting point for a meditation practice that can assist in transcending thoughts and feelings. It creates a safe and practical space  to  foster the ability to listen deeper into Heart/Spirit in an intentional and positive way.

Akasha Art and Mandala making is a unique offering, merged through years of spiritual practice and connection with creative frequencies of Gaia and Spirit. It offers a centre to access the blue print of your soul and connect with its hidden messages and symbols. Meditating daily with Akashic Artworks/Mandala will increase frequency.  By focusing on these paintings and having them in our living space, they will cause energy to “entrain” with and “resonate” at the same frequency, the origin of the soul energy.  Focusing on symbols which appears in some of art works which could be geometric/ organic /Animals / Bird  assist you in connecting deeper with Gaia as well as with Spirit and amplify the presence of the subject matter in your daily life more grounded and materialized.

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